12 Aug Terrorist attack in the US

Discussion in 'US' started by Guns, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. I think the thing is, in the UK we are use to very well regulated protest.

    The Public Order Act imposes liability and restrictions for notification of public rallies (over and above the specific restrictions in London).

    Coupled with good public order policing experience, deployment of tactical advisors to the police command structure and protest liaison officers to the protest organisers - the overt side of planned public order policing is pretty well sewn up.

    Obviously there are covert tactics which may or may not be employed; for which you can read any of the blogs alleging every other protestor is an undercover police officer (every protestor in Kent).

    Obviously spontaneous disorder is another matter; the likes of the disorder in Hackney for example cannot by it's nature be controlled.

    Quite how the local US police were supposed to cope with such a heavily armed militia turning up is beyond me. Watching some of the footage you can see local and state police uniforms; and now the federals have turned up for the post-bunfight investigation.

    With the amount of firearms about; it's quite impressive that so few are dead quite frankly.

    I would imagine the post-incident investigation is going to require a mass trawl of CCTV and so forth for the identification of offenders.

    It all relies however on whatever local, state and federal offences may have been committed.
  2. OH is full of fuckwits. And most people from each of those states hate each other.
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  3. Seen loads of pics of guys doing the Nazi salute.

    Saw a pic on facebook group of a black guy holding an Antifa flag but that hasn't been shared at all. We're definitely only getting half the story.
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  4. Always has been so, hasn't it.

    Police go in against "right wing nutters" = Police keeping the peace

    Police go in against "left wing nutters" = Police brutality.

    White guy gets a thump on the head = stamping out racism

    Anyone else gets thump on the head = Institutional racism.

    And, by extension, we come back to the oldest of the chestnuts, "Terrorist" or "Freedom Fighter".

    The current agenda is that anything construed as being against absolutely any sort of moonbattery from the Left MUST go, we must free ourselves from the oppression and chains of our history by rewriting it to suit our more enlightened knowledge in these modern times.

    ISTR this sort of nonsense happening before, I wonder how long it will be before certain books will have to be hidden in secret vaults so they can be kept for posterity...
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  5. I have yet to see any footage of the armed militia members causing any trouble at all, other than how much they incite the counter protesters just by being there. They were not the problem, Brits just get fixated on them because we are not used to seeing armed people at protests.

    What the police completely failed to cope with was the far right and ANTIFA fighting with each other. US cops over the past year have repeatedly failed in maintaining separation during these events and this is the second incident this year where they seemed unable to separate them once they begin fighting so have just stood back and pretended it wasn't happening. For all the things US cops are good at they are shockingly bad at public order and most worryingly an awful lot of them don't seem to realise how bad they are.
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  6. The driver's mother has confirmed he was in Charlottesville to attend the rally.
  7. Has @Oddbod been lifted yet? Do we still have an extradition agreement?
  8. I see Virginia is an open carry Commonwealth- I thought this was a cop at first then I saw it was a militia member. Maybe better in the Un-Ally thread but I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with citizens on the street dressed Iike this. . wahoos.jpg
  9. How comfortable are you with citizens on the street dressed like this?


    Because this lot were involved a great deal of the fighting yesterday. The militia weirdos weren't.

    Want to really blow your mind? One of the arrests yesterday was for carrying a concealed firearm.
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  10. I would have no issue with such a thing but then I am perfectly fine with responsible citizens owning firearms regardless of their beliefs.
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  11. Errr- at what point did I say he was fighting. My point was that I am not comfortable with yay-hoos strolling the streets dressed for Iraq, even though he has a Constitutional right to.
  12. Someone is peacefully and quietly exercising his first and second ammendment rights, I see no issue with this.
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  13. And mine - he was on the wrong side in the war perhaps - and even if he did support slavery - he was a product of his era - That does not make him unworthy of respect for his abilities.
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  14. I do not dispute that there were cock ends and unpleasant types in both parties - However many of these counter protesters are just as guilty of going to cause trouble - being nothing more than violent thugs - but insisting the other side is all bad Nazi types and they are nought but little lambs defending the rights of minorities (not to mention the frequent portrayal that the 18 EDL cretins started the trouble with 157 masked arms youths) is simply dishonest and a a continuation of the past 50 yrs or so deliberate attempt to pretentd the violent far left doesn't exist
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