12 Aug Terrorist attack in the US

Discussion in 'US' started by Guns, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Small mercies.

    It looks, at least, a Presidential aide has managed to get through to The Donald that statemments to camera about 'having the military option' wouldn't be appropriate here. The National Golf Course being close to the fallout zone may have helped driving the point home.
  2. Humour?! In Current Affairs?! Oh, I need a lie down.
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  3. Tell you what grips my faeces about this whole protest

    Every mention of it has been far right extremists ( rioting ) and anti fascist protesters (defending)

    Therese no reason for Antifa to be their - it wasn't an anti immigrant or religious protest
    It was a protest against the tearing down of a statue.

    And here we get to part to of poo grippery All day yesterday it was announced as Antifa protesting fascists protesting that the statue of a man who fought for slavery was being torn down.

    Lee was a very successful general - He fought for his country and yes keeping of slaves was a significant part of the reasoning behind the war ; but hes immortalised for his abilities as a General not because of his (possible) views on Slavery.

    Still I look forward to them pulling down the memorial to that other immortalised Slave owner from the same era a Mr A Lincoln -
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  4. It's called free speech, there's no reason for the far-right to exist......(or Far left for balance)

    And to use the scare phrase 'Antifa' when what you really meant is 'people against the KKK and Neo-Nazis' is a bit odd
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  5. No that's our excusing behaviour by justifying the far lefts actions.

    Note how it was reported Anti Fascist protestors and right wing extremists
    Not violent left and right demonstrators / protesters / feckwits thus the left are the good guys.

    Anti Fa and Co aren't anti KKK or Neo Nazi - They are anti anything they don't like - the whole far left behaviour is in itself fascist in the extreme as the seek to violently oppose and prevent others viewpoints.

    As a UK example attacking Tories, disrupting tory conferences isn't being anti fascist - or anti Nazi. But we we will still portray them as such because far right bad far left we wont notice that because far right bad - For to long the far lefts behaviour has been ignored as weve used language that creates an image of respectability.

    This event in America is another instance - It was protesting the removal of a statue - it wasn't protesting bubba getting on the wrong bus - Race did not need to come into it
    The (loony far**) left created the racist outrage as an excuse for violent protest - simply because THEY don't like free speech

    The fact you assume everyone objecting to the tearing down of a statue is a racist neo Nazi - simply demonstrates how successful this insidious attitude has been.

    **Narweed uses the term Control left - because they are the exact opposite of what they pertain to be (Liberal left) He a left wing activist - is calling for them to receive the same disdain as the far right because they are no different.
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  6. They call themselves antifa and they frequently resort to violence against those who they do not agree with. They rock up qnd protests with the intention of causing violence.
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  7. Objecting to tearing down a statue is quite legitimate in my view. I was talking to a few Yanks yesterday and we were of the view they are trying to airbrush history. Rather than remove historical objects, install a plaque that gives historical context to the statue. I know it is a shocking idea, teach people history then let them make up their own minds on the subject.

    As for his calling everyone racist and Nazis, he doesn't know how to do anything else.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
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  8. You are rapidly approaching drugsy level of dumb.
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  9. They all call themselves Antifa? Even the locals who just pitched up because they don't like supremacists? Cool......
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  10. Nope, but keep on making excuses for the Far-Right.....I'm sure they're just misunderstood
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  11. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    It's their right to be armed bears or summat. The whole thing is a shambles, I find the idea of tearing down a statue of a General regarded as one of the finest of his day as an attempt to whitewash (swidt?) history as stupid as the Cecil Rhodes thing.
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  12. So you are willing to ignore the hardcore antifa protestors who turn up with the intention of causing violence towards those who they do not agree with?
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  13. Obviously, they need to set up Car Free Zones.:)
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