Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Today is the last time we will ever have a date such as this, there being, or at least not yet anyway, a thirteenth month!
  2. MOD Please move to breaking news please.
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  3. So won't there be a 12th December 3012 ?..........12/12/12.............
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  4. Just think of how awesome you could have been if you had waited to 1212 hrs to post that bit...
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  5. 89 years to wait for 1st Jan 2101, 01/01/01
  6. Ummm... not before 2112, 2212, 2312, 2412, 2512, 2612, 2712, 2812 and 2912...
  7. Beaten to it. At least the yanks can put the date correctly once a month.
  8. and, yes... 01/01/01, 01/02/03 etc... will all be back even sooner.
  9. If the Mayans were right, there won't be a next month anyway.
  10. You mean my birthday isn't 4 July ?
  11. I thought this was going to be a prelude to some kind of Mayan culture **** up, instead of 21-12-12 it was actually meant to be 12-12-12, I nearly shit a brick.
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  12. Dude, they just ran out of rocks to put out the 8th Great Cycle Swimsuit Bonus Edition, and while they were getting ready for publication, their personal calendars ran out early.
  13. Ah but they are just not right are they? Day/Month/Year thats the way to do it.
  14. So my birthday IS 4 July... thanks for clearing that up for me.