12-10 To England!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gremlin, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Not the best game, but what an achievement!!!!

    Turning over the World Cup favourites must now give us hope for the final!

    Well done boys.
  2. I'm 100% Welsh, but let me be amongst the first to say well done to that amazing England pack! Moody top man!
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    A masterful example of understatement there. Well done England but by god that was the dullest, most uninspiring performance I've seen for a long time.

    Edit: Just re-read that and it looked like I was talking about the England team. I wasn't, I was primarily talking about the Australian peformance and the game as a spectacle from a neutral point of view.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Once again England win a game without scoring a try. I just wish that they could get someone to cross the line once in a while.

    The defence was magnificant in the second half and put the Aussie gas well at the peep. I suppose it will be Sir Jonny soon 8)

    Well done England.
  5. Corbloodyhellwhodhavethoughtit?!

    Amazing game - why couldn't we have done that against the 'Boks?
  6. How gritted are those teeth?

    The forwards won that game. Fantastic result.

    Lets not drip about the spectacle. How many World Cups have Fiji won?
  7. Well done the English.

    Dug deep for that.

  8. Well done England. Dull game but the English pack ran amok against their Aussie counterparts. Sheridan is a monster 8O
  9. As a welsh man I hate to say it,but well done England. The pack won it.Not a classy game but hey who gives a toss.You have put out an arrogant SH team.Thats good enough for me.
  10. Guys show some grace. The English did what they had to do.

    As a Bok supporter I would have been happy to take that result.
  11. AH! the sweet sight of Aussies weeping!! :lol: :lol:
    Well done England!!!!
  12. That was the worst Aussie performance since THE LAST TIME WE BEAT THEM!

    Not a perfect game from England, but well fought with determination. Grit, rather than style and class. It's what was called for, though.

  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    As a Scot, it pains me to say that I bloody enjoyed that and well done England!
  14. Never mind the game, the result is fantastic!
  15. That's probably because, deep down, every British nation likes to see the underdog win.

    Particularly if it is in rugby and against a southern hemisphere side, even if it means routing for the (insert adjective here) English.