12/01/06 - House of Lords question on Reserve Forces

Lord Drayson said:

Two MCs, one George Cross and a whole range of gallantry medals have been earned.
Also a sh1t load of TELIC medals, but they haven't been issued!

Lord Drayson went on to say:

We should not underestimate the great contribution that our Reserve Forces make.
So why the hell do you not recognise it properly?!?!


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Several points spring to mind here:

1. Will Lord Attlee's question be answered?
"Earl Attlee: My Lords, why does the MoD not routinely send observers, or even support, to reservists at a reinstatement committee at an employment tribunal?"
Knowing him, I am sure he will follow this up (he is Major the Earl Attlee, TD, REME(V), TELIC 1, etc)! This sort of thing is cheap and would improve morale in some areas considerably, especially as regards post-Mob trauma, but I am willing to bet a large sum that there will be some legal pettifogging excuse why MoD don't go to these. If they were to offer overt support for their own reservists, well, whatever next! (Anyway, by the time of the Tribunal, the Reservist is off the Army books, and frankly they no longer care, same as in health issues. Sad, pathetic, but absolutely true).

2. Interesting quote:"Lord Drayson: My Lords, I am grateful to the noble Lord for making that clarification. I am happy to assure the House that it is not a question of us making excessive use of auxiliary forces. We regard a level of approximately 600 people every six months as absolutely sustainable. We have no difficulty in maintaining that level. We have done so now on several roulements into Operation TELIC. We believe that we can sustain it really quite comfortably. "
OK, 600 from 36,000 is only 1.66%, but when you take off OTC, those already mobilised within 3 years, and non-deployable personnel - and crucially those in tradegroups not required, what %age is it? I know of Trades that have simply run out of TA to mobilise, without asking for 'volunteers' to go on FTRS terms, rather than as 'real' mobilisations. How many of TELIC 8 'mobilisees' will be going on FTRS terms, which are considerably less onerous for the MoD as regards cost (no making up of pay, for instance, nor pensions) and future liabilities? That's a question worth aasking, my Noble Lords!

3. Lastly, as to Lord Drayson - "we in the..." He has no uniformed service at all. He got his Lordship through frankly less than generally acceptable means (being very careful now....) and, although he appears to be a pretty sensible bloke for a politician (at least he has proved he can run a business, which is more than most of 'em) he is certainly not a Military Man.

I wonder if he's too old to join the TA, though? I'm sure we'd all make him welcome.
Lord drayson is a well known Bliar crony and will no doubt mostly toe the party line, but he at least did turn up in Basra during telic 6 as procurement minister for the MOD.
OldSnowy said:
OK, 600 from 36,000 is only 1.66%, but when you take off OTC, those already mobilised within 3 years, and non-deployable personnel - and crucially those in tradegroups not required, what %age is it?
The figures from Sept last year:

12,000 TA troops mobilisable
8,100 Mobilised at the moment or have reached their mobilisation ceiling
11,500 in the process of discharge (i.e. they've handed their kit in already)
1,200 NRPS
4,000 UOTC

so really it's more like 600/12,000 before you start looking at trade groups etc.

If he were young enough to join, he'd do three years training then get a new wife/family/business - just in time to curb his enthusiasm for Telic 15 (assuming they'll skip 13).

Has the honourable (sic) Lord visited the troops in very hot or cold places ?. Has he spent an evening with some of his enthusiastic weekend warriors on ops?. Has he met up with their wives and listened to their grievances?.

For all his assertions that the TA is being modernised to fit better with the regular army, it is really the TA being pushed from pillar to post to fill in the cracks in the regular army caused by ... etc .. etc ..... (numerous arrse articles passim).
No-one's leaving the TA, its all the OTC's fault so he says ;d
"There is no evidence in any of the volunteer reserve forces of mass departures from the TA as a result of the call-out and service in Iraq. The drop in TA numbers is seasonal and consistent with previous years. It is largely due to the departure of officer cadets in the University Officer Training Corps",—

which is part of the TA—

"in their third year, who, on reaching the end of their studies, leave the UOTC. The new university intakes join in October."

So there has been a departure, but for those reasons.

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