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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wirebrush, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    So my unit are parading for november ceremonies in two's, unpaid! just out of interest will you be parading in twos standing still for an hour unpaid, to show respects or will you be going to the same parade in civies in the crowd?

  2. So my unit are parading for november ceremonies in two's, unpaid!

  3. ur sarcasm never ceases to amaze me Bravo_bravo
  4. You TA cnuts complaining about not getting paid for standing still for an hour nevere ceases to amaze me! Will you lot all fcuking do one!

    It's the 11th hour. You cnuts should be honoured that you got an invite!

    Miserable w@nkers.
  5. If your in the forces then you are getting paid. It should be an honour to remember the fallen, not someting you feel you need paying for.

    Edited to add, TA civvi cnut
  6. :D

    I wish the TA mongs on here that are constantly bitching (not all of them I hasten to add) would hand in their ARRSE accounts with their 1157.
  7. Last year I paraded with 30+ other vets, some as old as 86 - in -15c weather so go complain to your mummy. Dufus.
  8. Twat!
    Last year myself and around 30 others stood in the pissing rain, howling wind, freezing Scottish air to remember. We did it because we wanted to. I was one of the youngest there, at 42, others where in there 80's and they never complained.

    They stood firm, they stood proud!

    How the fcuk you have the cheek to complain that you are not getting paid!
  9. Having had bad past experience with the TA i wholeheartedly agree. To quote one past conversation

    TA SGT "Private, where is your belt"
    Me "Ive just got off my bike"
    TA SGT "do you mean youve just got off your bike SGT"
    Me "Jog on Civvy"
    TA SGT walks away.

    I love visits to Grantham now
  10. Stop dripping, I'm ashamed to be in the same Organisation as you, feel free to play Russian Roulet with a Grenade.
  11. WB

    Your post says a great deal about you; none of it good.


    For the rest of you, WB is an SUT. But still a cretin. Sorry.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'll be doing it for free - No don't thank me thank those who gave far more than an hours pay
  13. You Hero, you.
  14. Got to be a wind up - no wonder rege hate the TA. Send me your details and I will arrange an hours pay for you

    Mattric Put yer belt on!
  15. Doesn't really matter if you are paid or unpaid. You should be proud to stand in the rain in civvies or uniform in remembrance of the fallen.

    I do it every year proudly as a civvy, not because I'm paid to but I feel I owe it to the fallen, some of which are former colleagues.