Discussion in 'RAC' started by BenghaziBandit, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Wanted please, close up and detailed colour pic of 11th.Hussars beret.
    Are they still made from about half a dozen pieces?
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  3. Sorry, haven't got close up and detailed, just a couple of grainy black and whites. Construction was the main brown body, crimson band and black cloth lining, so just three pieces. I seem to remember cutting out the lining so as to "shrink and shape" all the better.
    Picture of sartorial elegance I were. There was a thread on RAC last year.
  4. Thanks a lot, ebay pic fine..................did find the old thread...............even found I'd commented on it!!!
  5. KRH Regimental Shop can sell you a lovely bespoke 11th Hussar Beret, very reasonable prices.
  6. Would that be with the crimson band? Or the brown beret RH/KRH?
  7. This is not my original beret/cap 11Hussar,merely a replacement.I think this was made in India,same colours,seam,ventilation holes in different place.As you say,first issue berets were made out of 6/7 different pieces and seem much bigger.A few (much older than me) Cherrypickers still have the old style beret which they wear with pride at reunions.

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  8. Ha ha!! A Sqn I/C piccies!!!
    Big Ron, B Sqn knew how to do piccies. Well, fillums anyway.
  9. With the Crimson Band.