11sigs Cpls Mess, get ready to pay up!!!

Oh yes, arnt us JNCOs lucky! Not only will we have to come to blandford at some point. But now we have to pay £9 per month.
4 for the cpls mess and 5 for the upcoming ball. (summer/christmas/etc)
At a recent mess meeting we were made to sit in a seat and were belittled into voting only to be told "its gonna happen anyway!"
To top it all off, the wo's are having a mess night for cpls mess members, exept only half are aloud to attend.
A tech full screw with one year under his belt obviously is far more important than the 10-12 year lance jacks.
It seems the CPLs mess is not being run by our own, but by an outside party who are only in it for a tick in the box.

Comments please!
The fees are not unreasonable. And like it or not, a 1 year tech Cpl IS more important than a 12 year LCpl in the eyes of the system. Bull your boots and get over it.
You should feel honoured to be part of such an establishment. Is it not the most coverted post in the Royal Corps? All those young soldiers looking up to you? Do you your duty man!
What a mincer. 10-12 year Lance Jacks? Who's the dummy?
Dry your eyes mate, so your a LCpl of 10yrs+ and you have to pay £9 per month for a mess bill that will provide you with a mess function. You'd better see the bank manager first thing monday morning, oh and make sure you don't go out tonight a buy that round of drinks for more than a tenner. If you ever end up at a unit which pays less than £25 per month count yourself lucky and make sure you make the most of your mess facilities

Im not a 10-12 year lance jack. Just voicing the opinion of others to see what the reaction would be.
The reason i am against paying the bill is that it isnt actually a mess, but a naffi bar with normal naffi opening times, naffi staff and naffi prices.
Plus, due to work commitments i am never able to attend any functions.
All i am doing is standing on the soap box for all those without access to this site.
However, i am scottish and therefore, genetically tight fisted, and you are correct in saying a tenner is steep for a round.
Its a pint for me and a glass of tap water/ice/slice for the laydeez!
PeoplesPTI said:
All i am doing is standing on the soap box for all those without access to this site.
What's wrong with them? Are they missing their fingers?

Stop fcuking whining like a girl and pay your money. If you feel so strongly about it speak-up in the next mess meeting and state your case.
Stick to fake sun tan lotion and hair gel you big poof. We want our mess to work voice your opinion at the meetings not on here ,grow some balls..
too true carpets for arms how goes Blandford lost your emaill addy. As for the whiner 9 quid is fick all tight arse get over it and start enjoying the benefits a mess holds. Think yourself lucky they never had a Cpls mess when I was in we had to wait till we were seniors.

Enjoy the moment as before long your life will have flashed before your eyes and you will be a civvy like me.,........

Okay, i get the message, ill shut up and hang my head in shame. :oops:
thanks for all the replies.
BLX (that RTG speak for bollox) I'm with you PeoplesPTI, its not the 9 quid its the shite standing up dictating, met too many of them in my time. You will do this and you will do that, turn the fcuking music down, close the bar when i fall out with my missus etc etc. R Sigs WOs - shat em
Well said morphine i totally agree with what you say if it is the corporal mess then surely the corporals should decide how it is run rather than told how it will run.
The Cpls "Mess" (Actually a club) Must have supervisory oversight. Do you think that the lucky soul specially selected to supervise wanted to do it? Th WO's and Sgt's Mess has supervisory oversight too. The Mess Meeting Minutes must be signed off (usually by the Commanding Officer) and there is a Supervising Officer, historically the QM, due to the fact that he's LE. Bar timings are a matter for the licence. The "do this do that" is also practiced in the Sgts Mess, with a Warrant Officers pre meeting cabal. Try to actually look at this as something that you can use to enjoy yourself in. I and my mates certainly did on my T1. I would say that some of my best times were in the Cpls Mess. It also functions as a preparation for when you are promoted into the Sgts Mess.
I'm not saying it is a bad thing. I actually had many a good time in the corporals mess in 21 sigs when it was running. My point being is that we had a big say in the running of the club/mess how the money was spent and what the function themes would be. We even had a regimental dinner in order to get us ready for the progression into the WO and Sgts mess.
My point is that from what PeoplesPTI is saying is that it is more of a dictatorship than a democracy especially with the quote
'At a recent mess meeting we were made to sit in a seat and were belittled into voting only to be told "its gonna happen anyway!"'

If you wasters want to decide how this mess gets run why not get yourself on the F**ckin' comitee!
not sure how to?
come and see either the PMC/PEC after a meeting at the bar and they'll sqaure you away.
Nice one HA04.
BK- since when did we live in a democracy anyway?- we exist purely to preserve and defend one.
Peoples PTI - grow up, your make up is running. If you wanna run the place, stand up (in the meetings) and make yourself heard!
When PAYD hits the ground, NAAFI takes every club, bar, greasy spoon, and runs it in its own inimitable fashon, APART from CPLS clubs, etc. Which have their own committee, and
is run by its members. So look past the next three months, and maybe, just maybe there will be some benefits to be gained, loads of pi.ss ups, dinners etc. All for 9 quid.
If after a while it is still s.hit, get a grip of it yourselves, and improve it (and your CR grading)
So please stop bleeting

it's not exactly a proper mess dinner they aren't hosting us in the mess. It's the cookhouse and then shite beer in the semaphore, you can have my spot. Anyway if you were listening this do is so the senior fullscrews can learn how mess dinners are done so we can host our own in the future.

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