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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PapaGolf, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Is any one else sick and fucking tired of all the fucking 118 fucking shite that seems to accompany every bastard programme on the tele, and their dullard fucking witless wooden half wit shit actors/actresses that accompany that shit. Every bastard time I get an inch closer to hoofing the fucking screen through the back of the fucking box. 118 CUNTS!
  2. I wouldn't mind but every time we get bum raped for a bastard number, it goes to paying for that shit. Fuckers!
  3. You need to get out more often
  4. Stop watching telly and if it upsets you that much, don't use the 118118 service, use another one......

    oh and leave the drugs alone.
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  5. Guys got a point, those San Francisco moustachioed fuckers really grip my shit
  6. You could always change channel.....
  7. you could always google whatever number
    you are looking for........
  8. Is there a 118 number for all the 118 numbers?
  9. One thing to remember if you have to use 118 118 then get the number from them and ring it yourself, don't let them put you through as you pay premium charges for the call... even to a free phone number.

    Robbing cunts!
  10. 118 118 (118)

    We've got your (grid) number...
  11. Got to agree with you there PG. But who's the blonde bird who picks the door lock with one of the hermer's 'tache's? I wouldn't mind getting my 'tache all around her back door, she's gorgeous.
  12. 118 used to be directory enqu didn't it,,one over eight = 1/8 = 2/16 = 4/32 = 8/64.

    I'm going now for some QC cream,2 bottles for the night....118.