116 (v) RMP - advice needed

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by pete_h, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I am after a little advice on 116 Provost (TA) , is there anyone on here that would be willing to answer some questions I have via PM?

  2. PM sent

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  3. Here is an open reply for all to jump in on.
    If you want to be a plod, go on and join the police.
    If you want to be a soldier, go on and join the army.
    If you want to be a part time plod, be a special.
    If you want to be a part time soldier, join the stabs.
    If you want to be a prime ****, hated by police, soldiers, specials and stabs, go on and be a volunteer monkey. They are for wannabee plods that couldn't make the grade and stabs that couldn't can't hack soldiering.

    For the love of god find another unit.
  4. They have the most annoying collection of accents out of the whole RMP (V).
  5. Even worse since the Welsh Exiles from, now defunct, 160 BPU slowly thinned out leaving only the yam yams and whippet racers there.
  6. 160? They were mounted weren't they? ;) virtually that long ago..

    Still, 116 always had a few comely lasses. Especially the short blonde Sgt, who was also a wmp Sgt...
  7. Not whilst i was there prior to transferring to 116. It was a small unit and 160 (wales) Brigade Provost Unit RMP (V). I think you might have it confused with 160 Pro Coy (a regular unit).

    As for the ladies of 116, I left there for 104regt RA in 2002, and it was hardly models Inc during my time there from 1999.
  8. and what unit are/were you with scoobydont?