Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by E=MC_Hammer, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Anyone on here from this unit as i need some advice about transferring to you. Cheers
  2. Just don't go to 243. They have the biggest walt that has ever lived among their ranks.
  3. Which one is 243?
  4. The Sweaty Socks North of Hadrians Wall
  5. No, i'll be at belle vue.
  6. The one with the biggest walt.

    (Who is it by the way?)
  7. Better bet in Manchester than down with the yim yams, hope you like being treated like a two year old though. The Company has a bit of a reputation for being stuck in a time warp cica 1980's BOAR traffic control days. Pin stakes will be your friend :wink:
  8. you mean 253 Pro Coy?
    i'm also interested in who this walt is..
  9. How can you mix up the Jocks with the Saff Lahndon mafia? The Units are only 400 miles apart!
    Prae has an issue with a VT that went North of the border from what I understand :D
  10. Having done CMSR and prevously CIC what can i expect to have to do to get my scarlet lid?
  11. Ah ha the question has been asked that will now allow all the monkey haters to troll the thread :lol:

  12. Get used to hearing that.
  13. hehe my bad, i'm currently a member of 253, hence the interest :)
  14. Part of the reformed Southamton Det I assume from your location? In which case your det used to be part of 243 a few years ago, before moving to 253 then 163, getting canned in 99 and then reformed. Easy to get confused with a heritage like that :D
  15. Is he a ginger bloke about 50 from Norn Iron?????