116 Pro Coy

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by TheRealTrucker, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where these are now located, the website says they are in west brom but been told they have moved tocannock, but where oh where in cannock are they?
  2. They moved to Cannock about a month ago - RMP website still to be updated. I will get you the details of their new location tomorrow if someone else doesn't respond first (tue night is their Trainign Night so I guess they are busy tonight !!!)
  3. They also have a platoon in Manchester if anyone is thinking of joining.
  4. 116, 1 Plt in Cannock is based on Walsall Rd, Bridgetown Cannock.
    116, 2 Plt in Manchester is based off Hyde Rd, Belle Vue, Manchester.

    Cannock parade on a Tue, Manchester parade on a Wed, anything else give me a PM :)
  5. They should put one in Cardiff, I might even go back if they did.
  6. mmmmmmm not a bad Idea that........ Oh hang on, that makes sense, No sorry, no Monkeys in Wales :p
  7. ..and it might even just work well as a platoon strength unit trained in GPD and provost ops. After all it might even be useful what with SENTA to the north and a garrison in Chepstow.

    I know that Chepstow nick would love to see Monkeys occasionaly driving through the town on a friday and saturday night, seeing as they think that the squaddies from the nearby Beachley are the cause of all their problems (which they're not).

    They could even move it into Ty Llewellyn in Cardiff like they promised, just before closing the unit down.
  8. I'm sure SWP would be happy to see some Red cap support with St Athan about to become another major unit in the area.
  9. True, can't believe I forgot about that seeing as I was down there on Sunday.

    Though to be honest I don't think we'll be seeing a return to Cardiff (or South Wales for that matter) for TA RMP. Seems the Wippet racers got their way in the end.
  10. The only reason 116 2Pl went to Manchester was purly on the grounds of real estate. Both RFCA's were asked for accomadation, Wales um and arr'd and said they had promised any available space to Cadets and they might have a Office in a year or so, the North West asked how much do you want and when can you move in! Now call me Mr picky but where would you put a platoon?

  11. This is not the first time the RMP(V) has had a unit in Manchester. To the best of my knowledge 116 had a presence there in the 90s which closed and the current platoon is basically a reincarnation of that.

    Interestingly most of the regular attendees seem to be from anywhere but Manchester. Many are from Liverpool way but it also has members from Preston, Blackpool and Leeds.
  12. Still in Cardiff, drill nights could have been held in a 9x9 :lol:

    Still a crying shame none the less, I wasn't aware that Wales RFCA couldn't find space hence the move up north.

    I might evne have convinced Mrs Gull to let me come back id it went back to Cardiff.
  13. EmKay, if you're interested in a history lesson, 116 used to have 3 Det locations in the 80's with two Platoons at each location Based at Coventry, Manchester and Cardiff as well as West Brom. The Manchester det its self was the result of Co locating Dets that were based in Liverpool and Preston during the late 60's and were from the days when each of the Brigades had it's own Pro Coy. 116 was originally formed as a road movement Signals Company whose Job was to provide comms for the Provost Marshall throughout the rear area of BAOR from the Ports to the FLOT when the Soviets were expected to invade the rest of Europe. As they often say what goes around comes around :)

    Edited to add Cardiff Det was formed from 3 locations of the old 53 Div Provost Coy based in Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham.
  14. Is anyone serving in 116 or able to give me some info on what it is they actually do? Looking at transferring a TA unit closer to my new work in manchester (currentley in York) but havent got a clue what to expect