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Hi all

Im soon going to be starting as a civilian police officer, however i have had a desire to join the army for a number of years but havent doen so for various reasons. I was wondering if anyone knew of any police officers serving in the RMP TA and if this joint service was possible or if it was a conflict of interest.
I have been unable to speak with police HR yet and just thought I d see if anyone on here could give me any info.

Hello mate,

I used to be with 116 as part of the Welsh contingent that transferred from 160 BPU to there post SDR 1998. I joined the OB in 2001 and quickly found that the travelling from Welsh Wales to West Brom difficult so in 2002 I transferred and rebadged to a unit nearer to home before leaving the TA altogether in 2004 when I realised that I was struggling to put the time in for.

I'm assuming that you're a bit more local than I was.

There were, and I assume still are, a few OB within the unit so I don't think it's a major problem doing both except for the commitment you have to put in time wise.

The only thing I will say is that you'll be up to your cravate in your probationer (oops student officer) training, and then your PDR during your probationary period. Juggling that with the commitment required as a TA recruit may prove difficult and your force may not be too happy if you get mobilised during your probationary period.

Whatever you choose, good luck mate.
You will find that there are many police officers serving with various TA units, including RMP TA.

It may be better to get your feet under the table with the civilian police before trying to do both at once.

In the past the police may have been a 'protected' trade and may still be in some respects (i.e. they will not release you for deployments etc unless you really want to go and they can afford to lose you).

There is a thread around about RMP TA and I am sure someone there may be able to give you further advice.
Thanks for that gents. Yeh i was thinking along the lines of getting my probation out of the way and getting my feet under the table. I dont think you can join during your probation anyhow, i just like having plan probably being a bit preemtive but just thought Id start doing a bit of research. I ll put a post on the RMP forum too

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