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1157 Tactical Molle Webbing Platform


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Solid. That's the word that first sprang to mind when I pulled the £160 1157 Tactical Molle Webbing Platform from its packaging. First impressions are good and it looks to be built to a high standard. Visually it reminded me of the cummerbund for the new Osprey with the size of it. It also struck me as being a bit on the large side but it's only because it has the free space at either end for your own pouch fits. Normally when you'd buy webbing like this it'd be the complete affair and that's something I'll talk about later in more detail.

So what have we got then? Well it's a three rear pouch sewn belt kit affair in MTP (Which all the cool kids are wearing these days) with free space on left and right hand sides with molle straps to allow you to fit your own choice of pouches to tailor the kit to your field needs at the time. It's designed for use with the 1157 Tactical yoke or the issue yoke. What I will point out now is that there were no yokes available for use with this item so it was tested on a purely belt kit basis.

As I mentioned, the pouches are sewn in place and again this raises a raft of questions about reward vs risk. Will it fall off in the field, will I suddenly find myself in a bit of a sticky situation, will I look like an arrse and will I get my arrse chewed for it by my boss? Well. It's a gamble, regardless of who you buy the kit from there is always a chance of failure. I said it on the Dragon Supplies Airborne webbing and I say it again here. You throw the dice you take your chances. However for fit and feel you cannot beat a sewn pouch. Of course, it all depends on the quality of stitching and this is where you start to get really fussy.

When checking stitching you need to look for how many runs are used. I don't know the technical term so I've made my own. 'Run' refers to how many times the stitching has been repeated up and down a sew line. So for example, two runs means that the item has two lines of stitching. The more runs the stronger the build.
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Stitching securing the pouches in place
On the pouches in question where they are sewn onto the back panel it's three runs with a fourth at the corners to give greater security.
There does seem to be glue on the back of some of the pouch tops which was quite concerning. Having spoken to 1157 Tactical about it the glue is purely cosmetic, being used at the production stage to...
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