112 Miles - 55lbs - 3 Days - H4H. Sponsors needed!


Bloody good effort on the 112 Miler, why not do the West Highland Way, which is Approx: 95 Miles and you will have plenty of drinking holes along the way to stock up on Guinness and Pub Grub to keep you going, also plenty of places a support team can meet you or search back for you...

Good Luck 8)
i thought about other options but there is a few places along the planned route that are going to help with collecting money thanks for the support


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Done,and bump. Have you put yourself up on the Facebook H4H site mate? It will bring in a good deal of publicity.
Hope you dont mind if I shamelessly plug the West Mercia Police Dog section open day on 6th September at Hindlip Hall Worcester all money raised will go to H4H.Last year raised a geat deal of Money and the aim is to do it again bigger and better this year. will post when tickets go on sale.
Good Luck Jingo.


great effort, great cause.
Give me a couple of days to sort m'finances out and i'll make sure to donate.


Good luck with your run, great cause. Unfortunatly im not working atm otherwise I would donate.

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