11135 CPL John William Wilks of 7th Regiment East Yorks

Any of the arrserati able to help?


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I'll stick it on the PWO mob's page.
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Just out of curiosity, why is the end date 1919 and if he died in 1916 how was the end date known when they gave it to him?
When they gave it to his family? He was lost, body not found. Click on the tweet and you'll get the whole thread
I think 1919 is because of British involvement in Russia, hey were still fighting the Reds and taking casualties.
It's due to the date the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

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As @Brotherton Lad has rightly observed, it's the WWI Victory Medal (VM):

Victory Medal (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

dated 1914-1919 due the signing of the Armistice. There would (at the very least) be a companion medal awarded to him-The British War Medal (BWM):

British War Medal - Wikipedia

even more confusingly, it is dated 1914-1918 though not instituted until 1919 and the award criteria covered the period 1914 to 1920.

With me so far?

John is also entitled to a 1914-15 Star, having entered F and F on 27 Jan 1915:

1914–15 Star - Wikipedia

His Medal Index Card tells me that his BWM and Star will show the rank of Pte: the VM displaying the highest rank achieved during his service.


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I see from the Twitter thread that some genealogists are looking into this for the finder. That is good as I think that gives the best chance of reuniting the medal with the family. I have looked on Ancestry and he doesn't appear on any family trees that I can find. That doesn't mean that he has no living family (although direct line descendants seem unlikely) but finding someone interested in the family history would be good as it often increases the chances of a re-unite.


The war medal would also be highest rank when killed

1914-15 will be highest rank on 31 dec 1915
So Pte in star and cpl on war and victory Medals


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