Hi mate, personally, i'm not in the army yet, so i don't fully know what your'e going through, but i have had a friend in a very similar position, he was addicted to online gambling, and ended up leaving university, and his chemistry degree behind. All i can say is that you've got a girlfriend who clearly cares about you very much, who made a difficult choice to protect you.

Also, with the gambling, money is only temporary, i'm only 18, and very poor, i have a job, but can barely afford to go out once a month. What i think you need is to find a better outlet for your dosh, go the pub, save up for a snazzy motor or sort a holiday out with your girlfriend.

I think if you have a goal to put money towards, it helps. My friend ended up deciding that he wanted to learn to scuba dive, so he saved, and didn't focus on anything bu, and after a few months, he came out with a shiny rig, and was a capable diver, I wouldn't know if that was your bag, but having a clear goal helps.

When it comes to the depression, I personally think that distraction is the best policy, get yourself on a few courses, meet a few new people, just chat to your mates about how you feel, and trust me, they'll go 100% above and beyond to make you feel better.

Fortunately you sound like a smart guy, as the first stage is recognising you have a problem, and if you can apply that spirit to solving it, you should come through a better, stronger man for it.

Best of luck mate, if you just need someone to chat to, PM me.



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The Army isn't really the problem by the sound of your post .. boredom which leads to gambling is. You don't say where you are in Germany, but we are in Germany too and have found loads to do. See the woman/bloke in the Hive. According to the bfgnet site there is a gamblers anonymous group who you may want to get in contact with, and who may be able to help you break the cycle. I'm not going to tell you how to get over this because I'm not qualified to do so, and have never been a gambler with money. Whatever you decide to do good luck.

Sam x
Don't think for a minute that taking your own life is the way out. Think of the absolute devastation you'll leave behind! Money isn't everything, get help, ffs talk to someone, there are plenty of help agencies in BFG, for the literally hundreds of Soldiers and Dependants in exactly the same boat as you. I wouldn't be surprised, once you start talking to someone about your addiction, that there's someone you know who's going through the same. Like the old BT advert, "Its good to talk!" Good luck mate, you've made the first step just by coming on this, how easy was that? One step at a time and you'll come through it
You're right, Germany sucks! Unfortunately there are very few ways to get out of Germany and the Army before your minimum service is done. You don't want to do anything silly and get kicked out, this WILL cause you many problems down the line and you'll regret doing it.

You could transfer to another regiment that is perhaps back in the UK, but this can take time, it might not solve the problem and another regiment may be reluctant to take you if they feel you have problems.

The only advice I can really give to you is that you should speak to someone, I don't know if that's the Padre or Welfare Officer or whatever, but you must tell someone who can actually help you out. Don't hide your feelings as you won't get the help you need.

Good luck, I hope you get this sorted. But I can't stress enough, don't do anything stupid.
I never understand this new attitude that Germany "sucks" and is no fun. What has happened to one of the best places to serve to make all the new boys want to stay in UK?
Speak to your M.O,if you are addicted as you say you are there must be some sort of programme being run by the military these days. When I was in,the duty p iss heads could be offered the drying out course in Woolich,so why noy gambling addicts like yourself?
Either that or the padre,but going diffy isn't going to any good (been there,done it)
I got invited to a day at the races. I turned up wearing a white pillowcase over my head with eye holes cut out carrying a burning crucifix.
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Good Lord, man, don't leave the army before you deal with your gambling habit.

While you are in you have secure employment, a decent regular wage, cheap scoff, free work clothes, mates, something to do all day and an employer who, despite everything, is still vaguely on your side.

All of this will vanish like a puff of smoke if you leave, especially if you are feeling low about yourself.

It's hard enough to re-orientate after coming out as it is, and that is when you are firing on all cylinders. If you are carrying 'problem' baggage it will be almost impossible.

In the army you have the chance to focus on a single issue, ie a gambling, drink, weight, fitness problem without having to worry too much about the day-to-day - almost as good as being in full time civvy rehab, which is something you won't get.
There are an abundance of avenues that you can take, I would suggest the 6 to 1 favourite, 3:30 at Chepstow, "Humping Wizard", good on mid to firm, failing that take 1 x bottle of BabyBio, 1 x bottle of Aldi Lemonade and a fistful of slug pellets, quick, painless and you will lose the urge to eat shrubs


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Get yourself to the Med centre or the Padre
It won't go away just because you leave the army it'll be worse
Man the fukc up admit you have the problem and go and seek help
Also have you tried to get out and about in Germany or do sit in your room playing online betting games all day long?
Cut the plug of your computor open your window and launch it
Get the bus or whatever to the local whorehouse and ride them like Seabiscuit
All right you'll be sknit but at least you've done something

Read this thread and others to find out how one should act in Germany and you will soon lose the gambling addiction

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Go see the MO/Padre or even both ... you will be helped/pointed in the direction of the help you need.

BTW the_boy_syrup, after all the liquid rereshment ast night you were understandably confused - it was not a Lezzer , it was a lizard ;)

... similar sounding word though ... :twisted:
English_terrierq said:
tropper66 said:
Man up you useless tosser,
what a tit you are....

i was always bought up to believe if you haven't got anything nice to say... someone should tw*t you in the face until you shut up :roll:
Whats the point in this usless wonker posting his weepys on here, he wants to get out ,why, there are better support systems in place in the army than in civvy street, we all get/got weepy, we all gamble ,we all get home sick, we all felt like shite when posted in hell and we all pulled ourselves together and got on with it and did not post it on Arrse
You might want to change your profile on MSN as well mate as this:
fun...bubbly person always 120% full of energy...going to rejoining the winchester mazzive crew soon lol...tanks tanks tanks o yea and some guns....maybe ill get to play in afganastan soon.

Doesn't sound to much like you now.
This is a perfect example of these kids , army cadets bigging it up on here and MSN, facebook ect before joining and then making the discovery that life in the army is not a bed of roses, and finding that they have to make their own way in life. I feel sorry for these children who should never realy have joined in the first place but that their tough luck once they took the shilling

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