111 squadron history

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by aradia, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. hi, just wondering does anyone know anything about the history of the 111 squadron which has now disbanded, i can't find much about. i know it was based in RAF Leuchars but that's only because my grandfather used to be an armour in 111. any info about it would be great as i would love to do a tribute for them because there is next to none
  2. "St leucas"

  3. i know i spelt it wrong
  4. Sorry to appear rude, but do you not know how to use Google? I put "111 Sqn RAF" into Google and found a raft of websites showing the history fo 111 sqn and well as a lot of images.

    They were involved in some of the biggest battles in the Battle of Britain - so try including Battle of Britain in the search.

    There are tributes to 111 squadron including paintings of some of their most famous operations. I think that the painting recently commissioned for RAF Northolt shows a 111 Sqn Hurricane takling off.

    If you are still lost they contacting the RAf musuem at Hendon.
  5. no probs, i tried google and i still feel there is alot more than is being shown so i'll contact the museum thanks
  6. Try the libary or ABE Books if you want some detail.

    S A Burton 'Adstantes: 111 (Fighter) Squadron' (Private 1996)
    H Griffiths '111(F) Squadron: the first 75 years' (Tri-Service c1992)
    Anthony Robinson 'RAF fighter squadrons in the Battle of Britain'
    Sands 'Treble One: the story of No. 111(F) Squadron RAF' (Private 1957
  7. thanks, i mean i've got some things of my grandfather's but i want to expand on it, i'm sincerely grateful