111 Pro Coy 1994-95, Were you there !

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by watchdog91, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Just left the Forces after 23 Years, I was thinking back to the Good and Bad times I had in the RMP, I can honestly say that my posting to 111 Pro Coy, Hohne 94/95, was probably the worse posting of my life, no I wasn't one of the Hohne 7, nor the Shop lifter. but thanks to Stickman Jacko and Pete Edmundo they made my life hell for my family and I.

    Hopefully something really nasty has happened to both !!

    Apart from that I have really enjoyed the rest of my time serving, its a pity that most of the good postings have closed down, so to all.

    Cheers and Keep your heads down. :thumleft:
  2. Never served in 111 but i for one keep in touch with Pete E my first rsm and he was and still is a top man.

    Sorry if this goes against the grain.

    Good luck in your new life and career
  3. Wasn't there that late, I was at Fally Det 92-93, I left in Jan 93. Don't worry it wasn't just Hohne, Fally was $hite as well :wink:
  4. Wasn't there 94-95 but, I was there 87-89 and I found no matter what the people in the top corridor did, it was the people at the coal face who made it the top posting I found it to be.
    Mind you we did have a good 2i/c for a few months (Wally), up until he lamped JES the OC. Then things went downhill.

    Sorry to hear PE and Jacko made life difficult. I was suprised Jacko went as far as he did, he was ok but get him stressed or multi-tasked and life could be difficult. I never worked with PE though.

  5. That's the spirit!
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  6. Clerk. Most of the RMP clerks all made WO1. All of them made a career of out paper shuffling and some went between clerking and depot, picking up a rank each posting. Never met one who wasn't a grossly over promoted waster. They were the worst offenders for bullying recruits at Depot as well. W*nkers to a man.
  7. What do the 'clerical policemen' do now there is AGC SPS? I suppose there's always, stores, MT, First Aid, Signals, CP, Crime Prevention, ATRs, the Police College, staff assistants, OC/COs drivers and any number of other things that prevent one from doing the job.

    Yes, edited to say RMP Clerks, knobs to a man.
  8. That's right, I was trying to remember Jacko's background, he came over from the 'Royals', Pol Tp, having done an attachment at 158 as a Cpl (AMF(L)). He transferred over, picked up Sgt almost immediately (without having to drop a tape) and then went from there!
  9. Thankfully, the birth of the SPS saw the b&stards off. They were given the choice (at some ranks) to transfer into the SPS but most would have been found wanting in that trade group had they done so. For years of bluffing their way around the 'dark art' of clerking, they sadly opted to stay with RMP, by which time quite a few had made Staffy. For some obscure reason RMP Officers believed that the clerical experience would make those individuals better managers and administrators, so most subsequently went on to Warrant Rank. When let loose amongst the troops, they had no concept of anything outside of a filing cabinet and ran riot, treating people as if they were sh*t. Those who had fleeted between the desk and the depot were the worst offenders. No wonder most of them ended up hated.
  10. The Shop Lifter? Was that the one of the female type?
  11. Are you thinking about 'Fingers' McD from the Depot?
  12. Jacko? Royals? Are we talking about the same bloke here...smoked in his sleep and tanked up every night?
  13. No, I served with a chic in 113 in 89/90 who, much later, got done for stealing from the Naafi. I thought it may have been her. Her surname began with an F.
  14. Nah, I'm thinking of someone who went on a spree in Salisbury I think it was. Got off as she was on her bad week.
  15. Ah bless, I bet you called your virginity "Your Flower" as well? :D