1100 11 November

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Some speculation in the forum re availability of poppies, wearing of them, ignorane as to why etc. Even report that a unit had felt need to point out in Pt I/II that wearing of last year's poppy was unacceptable.
    To rectify some of these points and re-inforce what 1100 11/11 is all about, might we not have a self-imposed embargo on any postings here on that day. To allow for delay, say from 1055 until 1102. Maybe the man who writes the programmes could do a Remberance Day 404 if anything is uploaded during that time?
    Does this have legs?
  2. In view of the nature of this site, a Posting silence doesn't seem unreasonable. Last Post 111059Z NOV06 and next available 111105Z NOV06. The timing is important as not all Aarsers are in the UK. I'm not keen on the Webmaster block, though. People should have the freedom to show no respect but let them be ready for the incoming s**t from the rest of us!
  3. I'l be standing at ease with my head bowed anyway, therefore i cannot post. And would not.
  4. plenty of legs, prehaps just a big poppy instead of a 404
  5. Depends how quick the site can be switched back on I suppose?