110 special wireless service

Flaggie, have got these maps from my mate , giving vehicle locations of the QLR from Y service , extracted from war diaries and map refs converted to google. He was an officer but he's an exception to the rule and not that bad with a map. There is a plan to revisit some of these locations with the actual vehicle before we all get too old. Airfix have taken measurments from the vehicle and will be producing a 20mm kit to add to the recent QLD release

June 1944

110 SWS June 1944 - Google Maps

July 1944

110 SWS July 1944 - Google Maps

August 1944

110 SWS August 1944 - Google Maps

kit onboard

At the head of the London parade

Thanks for uploading the pics, RAMC.

I photographed the same vehicle (at least, I assume it's the same vehicle) at the VE Day / VJ Day commemoration in Hyde Park in July 2005.

I didn't realise that the veh's back door was open, so that I could have looked inside, until I downloaded all the pics to my PC at home. I often wondered what I missed. Now I know. Interesting. Thanks again.

That is indeed the same vehicle ! I can just see some legs, and recognise P***s relaxed stance at the back of her showing off the inside to some members of the public.

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