11 Year Old Shot And Killed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PushBeyondYourLimits, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. An 11 Year Old Lad, Shot In The Head And Killed In Liverpool
    What The F**k Is Happening With This Country!!
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  2. Just another casualty in this f ucked up country. 11 year old though, what a shame!

    Arm the f ucking police in the towns and cities country wide.
  3. Insensitive bastard post removed.
  4. Source:

    Will Alun Michael be making a statement?

    RIP poor lad.
  5. Shocking truly shocking.

  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Not good. what the hell is a gun doing around a 11 year old/11 year old doing round a gun?
  7. Apparently Him And 2 Mates Were Playing Footy In A Pub Car Park, When A Lad Bout 15/16 Rode Past On A Push Bike, Scarf Round His Face Anf Fired 3 Shots, One Hit The Lil Lad, One Missed N One Hit A Car
  8. On the box, it just said he was "picked out" can't believe it.. what the hell could an 11yr old do to deserve being shot dead :(
  9. What odds will I get that the sh1t on the bike with the gun will have his Human Rights set in concrete before the charge sheets are drafted, and that he will have a string of offences to his name, be jobless and yet an expensive drug habit, and it will all probably turn out to be our fault?.

    My deep condolences to the family.
  10. Standby, standby

  11. My Bold

    didn't work post Dunblane and deffo won't work now, all it does is clobbering Law abiding firearm licence holders, Crims won't be applying for licences, but then common sense is not one of the Politician's personal make up, the amnesity wil make no difference, the guns handed in are probably broken, worn out, too hot to handle and easier to dump and get it lost amongst other handguns, not fashionable enough and is replaced by the most Gucciest model, so the amnesity is quite pointless.

    The only real solution is higher and more visable police presence (armed), along with under cover operations and intelligence led ops and sustaining it for weeks on end, randomly changing locations and shift patterns, building up neighbourhood links through local beat bobbies backed up by background "heavy" police, the real solution is boots on the streets, CCTV alone just doesn't cut it.

    Croxteth park and Page Moss area.
    I have been to the area many times it is like bandit country and the local ACF centre has been broken into, one Cadet's scooter got nicked and was found burned out round the corner, I don't see many Bobbies round there or PCSOs for that matter, so it is virtually no go area for the Law enforcement agencies and it is time to reclaim the street, this takes political will, overtime money, commitment, streamlining paper work for more time on the street, local and highly visable police stations/Posts and more of them.

    shame really as the real gem in the area is Croxteth park and sometimes standing in the deepest part of it including looking at the the church at the edge of the field, it really does feel like you are in the middle of country not a city.

    RIP to the lad and condolences to his family, wrong place wrong time.
  12. Agree with you semper. used to be my patch, workwise, and as you say it does have a country feel. then the whole area is made up of small villages glued together by flyovers,council accom and new wave concrete builds from a long forgotten decade.

    RIP little lad. condolences to the family.
  13. Breaking news - 1 x 14 year old 1 x 18 year old arrested locally.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    There is no morality or common-sense on some streets. Apart from the usual cries of "flog them" and "hang them", what can society do?

    It's not just the "naughty" and "bad" that gets to me ... it's the utter wickedness of some of these children.

    They are actually sub-human.
  15. Dear God, I hope this isn't a gang initiation thing. It certainly sounds like it.

    Not that there's a more acceptable reason for the random murder of an 11-year-old at football practice. :evil: