Discussion in 'RLC' started by PTE_PARTS, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Just wondered if there's anyone who was at 11 SQN Minden on here?
  2. I was at 4ADTR LAD 90 - 93
  3. Tiiffy Patterson is the only bloke I know from there.
    I got there in jan 1992 and stright into the op banner training, and was posted in Jan 1993, but 4ADTR was great never had such a good posting after that.
  4. Was 19 Sqn 87-91, top place and many happy memories.
  5. Knew a few lads from 19 Sqn that came with 11 sqn on op banner in 1992,
    the only place I ever missed afterf getting posted.
  6. Hi Lads

    I served with 11 Sqn RCT from 76 - 79, firstly at Duisburg with 6 and 21 Sqn, as 4 Div Regt RCT, then with a resuffle of manpower, 19 and 35 Sqn was created. We at 11 and 19 Sqn moved to Minden in December 1977, leaving 35 Sqn at Duisburg where 3 Armd Div Tpt Regt RCT was created along with 6 and 21 Sqns. At Minden we at 11 and 19 Sqn joined 54 Fld Amb Sqn to form 4 Armd Div Tpt Regt RCT.
    St. Georges Barracks was a great place to be in the 70's, but understand that its an industrial estate now. Looks alot different viewing it from Google Earth, trying to picture RHQ, 11 Sqn Offices and the MT Park. The NAFFI, Cookhouse and Gym have been demolised.
    Sgt. Major Tom O'Readon was great to serve with and often remenise the good old days and whether he progressed through the ranks.
    I say good old days because based upon the latest information, the Army has gone down hill since I served. A shocking state of affairs some barracks are in these days. But having said that where has the discipline gone, and barrack room inspections.
    Can't say I'd like todays Army at all, but my happiest memories was at Minden. I only served the 3 years and it was the worst day of my life when I left the army. Civvy street has been nothing but a struggle.
    I am now 53 and having fractured my spine in 2001 have been unemployed since. Still signed off sick never to drive trucks again. Thank god for the internet. if there are any old boys out there, drop me a line. Cheers
  7. I too got posted there in 92 and went straight onto the Banner tour. Of course, I wasn't there that long but it still makes the head swim when I think of how things worked there compared to now.

    Long live the gauntlet!!
  8. I was in 11 Sqn Fitter Section 90 to 91, then got reshuffled to 19 sqn ftrs after the Gulf, and then shut down the camp in July 93. Best posting I ever had!!!
  9. sorry to hear about yourt post-army demise....but i feel that i need to correct you....in the 16ish yrs that i've served (and i am still serving) the army has gone from strength to strength...

    ..the army is now more professional, agile, manouevrist and operationally experienced than it has ever been since WW2....

    please don't confuse (ministerial) defence cut-backs and underinvestment with the commitment and professionalism of those serving and fighting on 2 fronts....

  10. What the fuck happened to you? If your wife is pregnant is she allowed to scream during childbirth, or will that damage the baby? Do you go door to door with this rhetoric now? Do people have to get divorced so the head of whatever wire diagram you belong to now can remarry the women above the age of 13?

    More importantly though, who the fuck is minding the cool aid whilst you are on arrse?
  11. Ford Prefect - What exactly are you talking about?
  12. Oops, should have realised this was a Trog thread. I was insinuating that my friend Goon_Bde, who was at one time the chief rabble rouser, all round AT annoyer and generally chopsy twat, had joined a cult.

    We all grow up I suppose; either that or enough senior people find out what your handle is :D

  13. So Korea,Malaya,and Aden don't count? Half the tactics used today were developed in these "non-events".

    WTF,where did manouevrist come from :? sounds like it should have stayed the other side of the "Pond"to me.
  14. 1. i didn't dismiss the other campaigns and certainly didn't describe them as non-events, you did, read my wording carefully. More of the army is deployed now as a % than ever before, the operational frequency is greater and the assymetric threat is ever present.

    2. If you don't know what manoevrist means, you perhaps shouldn't be commenting...it has a very specific meaning and is not newspeak or fangle terminology...

    and Ford, i haven't lost the plot, just defending the honour of today's tom, who is more professional than the bloated BAOR warriors who thought active edge was an act of war.
  15. Goon -


    Surely you must be able to spell it to be able to use it?