11 Sigs - Did he jump or was he pushed?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jumping_Hat, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. A good leader left us last week - OK he left prepared (as any good man would) and has a job waiting, but the man didn't want to go..... I wonder if the 'clowns' in 'billy smarts' at the top of the square realise they have no respect from the troops now........ especially he 'ringmaster'? Any one have any thoughts on that?
  2. Your point please :roll:
  3. Well 11 Sigs finally gets a bloke who is, for once, willing to say to the man above, no I'm not doing that, trying not only to keep the shite off of the cadre, but the trainees as well, and what happens? He gets railroaded, maybe it's because he was an ex ranker and the wooperts didn't like being told to wind their necks in.......... good luck to him.
  4. 23C

    23C Clanker

  5. His Telemech upbringing served him well.

    Shame to see him go. Top bloke
  6. :?:
  7. hadnt known him very long but he seemed like quite a rarity in these parts. A rupert worth his salt.
  8. Had the Honour of serving under this man in York when he was a Capt. Our paths have crossed many times since. I was sadended by the news.

    I hear he was helped out! just like the last RSM? so how many more people are going to get the wonderful help from above??
  9. The individual responsible for CO 11 Sig Regt's resignation was effectively removed from post himself yesterday. A bitter sweet outcome as on the one hand I know that the former CO would rather be in the Corps and in command but on the other his departure may have helped in the welcome and long overdue removal of said individual.

    Drive On!
  10. The thread with reference to the CO (des) of 11 Sig Regt has been deleted in its entirety. If you want to snipe at someone do so but do not write comments that could see you facing a hefty bill for slander or worse.

    And besides that it is just unprofessional!!
  11. Friend of your's then Bow? :wink:

    Your theory falls down at a very important point Old Bean. You need to identify the author before legal proceedings can be undertaken. No identity.....no slander proven....no large fines or other threatened punishments.

    Sort of puts the mockers on it, doesn't it?
  12. Or alternatively the individual can take the actual owners of the website to court and or have the website removed. Your call.
  13. Not my call Bow. I'm not in the slightest interested in what was said, nor I must admit, do I even know the individual who was the target of the thread. Your threat of retribution was directed originally towards the individual responsible for writing the article not the website where it was presented.

    Moving the goalposts hasn't bolstered your argument.
  14. B-AB, I was not threatening anyone with retribution. As the MOD of this board I was merely pointing out why the thread was removed. I have a duty of care not only for those individuals who use the board but also to the owners of the website and the host ISP. If you want to look into the law aspects of this whole minor debate please look at the turmoil created by teachers when they sued Friends Reunited. Not interested in pursuing this any further, just interested in ensuring that the board remains free from Any names, direct references that readily identify individuals and slanderous comments clearly thrown at individuals from the anonimity this board offers. If you haven't got the guts to face individuals themselves and let them know their shortcomings without the anonimity then please don't abuse this board to do it.

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    Now back to the original subject please.
  15. Hold on there Tonto. I hope you're not suggesting that I was the originator of that thread?