11 Sig Regt - Helles Barracks 88

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SteveWestKent, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello,
    Thought I'd start a thread on those who went through Helles in the late 80's - 24828938 me. Joined as Adult in Feb 88 (2 Troop) - the charming, laconic and gentle Sgt Scottie S was Tp Sgt with Cpl John "face peeler" L... etc - anyone out there - would love to see pics again etc. I got back trooped too - to 5 Troop; well I was a Clerk; it was expected.

    Steve U
  2. Nothing like reading the forum rules with regard to posting names etc.
  3. Rules are for tombestones baby. Oh sorry thats names. I didnt read them, whats wrong with names?
  4. I joined 1984 August 6th 3 troop.
  5. May 1988 1 Troop. A young 17yr old scrout. Still a scrout now 19yrs later :)
  6. So anyone got any pics etc of those halcyon days before the grunts took over? any Joseph Kriegler pics of troops etc?
  7. Have a few old photos from 2 troop, jan 89. Will scan and post them for nostalgia sake, on the off chance anyone recognises themselves. I don't think persec will be compromised with 18 yr old pictures? Maybe one of the MOD's could advise. No names obviously. Just actually looked at my old troop photo, and the contrast between then and now is obvious if only for the copious amounts of facial hair on the troop staff versus the lack of medals on show!
  8. 3 troop - ah 'sunblessed' went through the factory in April 79 - I Remember the misable bast**d troop sgt J***son with love :twisted:
  9. I became a number in early October 89 in 4 Troop. We were one of the first to do runs and BFTs in trainers and I had the pleasure being told by idiots who'd been in the army two months longer than me it was much tougher in their day!

    I saw a chap from 4 Troop in the Sgts mess at the RSA weekend - he's a WO2 now.
  10. 2 Troop, October '87. Bizarrely, there were about 3 times as many REME as Signals on that one.
  11. i joined jan 89, battleaxe troop
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Sprog :wink:
  13. Ferocious 4! Apr 83. Sadly the numpty that designed our troop t-shirts used the face of Tony the Tiger as the 'ferocious' tiger image - hence we were nicknamed Ferocious Frosties by the other troops in trg. Doh!

    Sgt Mick Foster (who went on to be trg wing Sgt at 13)
    Cpl Scouse Clare
    Cpl (Jock?) Stevenson
    Cpl ??? Storey
  14. Jeez after frantic search I just found the troop photie it even says "4 Troop Ferocious Four" on the bloody picture.
  15. Same date or a later iteration?