11 Regt rebalance

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Flying Felix, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. So 11 EOD Regt is going to re-align to Divs and Sqns are to form a centralised team to conduct inspections. :roll:

    Let’s start a sweepstake.

    How long will it be until the Regt can’t afford the claims and hotel bills and the local Troops are “asked to help out” and do an increasing number of inspections? :?:
  2. This has been goin' on for years, seems were re-inventing the wheel AGAIN!

    Seems people forget they get the Flash for working with Ammo not pretending to save the world on a daily basis.
    I know we'll get all the losers who cant pass licencing to do all the ammo stuff and we'll go out and be BDH's, its much more fun. :?
  3. Any rebalance needs AT's and they don't seem to make them any more!
  4. The formation of the Ammo Ops Cell in Didcot to co-ordinate all the Unit Inspections, ELLs, GMAT duties is designed to do just that - co-ordinate. Outlying Tps will still have to carry out some of the inspections, however when the inspection program allows, several units will be block-booked over consecutive dyas and a team from the Cell will travel round the country doing the vast majority of the inspections. Unit points of contact and short-notice inspectorate advice will still need to be done by individual Tps, however the Regt oversight will allow greater rationalisation and a more common standard of unit inspections. It should also stop the team at Tidworth trecking down to Cornwall periodically to check a metal box of 200 .22" ball rounds in the ACF hut.

    The Regt SAT and TIS WO will probably be able to explain the processes better so give them a call or pop in for a chat (best to drive rather than fly this time though! :wink: )
  5. It all sounds good and coming about for the right reasons, however. If a Troop on a normal day is gapped 2 posts, has 2 on tour, one on course, 2 on a BOO, 1 on the ranges, 1 on Imm, 1 on licensing, 1 on a lecture/demo leaving -2 to carry out the inspections scheduled in by Didcot. How long before the AOC gets frustrated buy the non availability of the Troops? Didcot does not like "No" for an answer and has lost visability of the state of affairs in the Troops. The situation is not going to improve, there is no magic fix. 11 Regt has been overloaded for far to many years. Overload is now normal. The question is can it survive with the current workload and extra commitment just for the next 2 years? The amount of AT's leaving early is about to increase, those left will soon wonder why they are flogging out their guts and join the exodus until something gives to improve quality of life in the Troops. An extra five years service will not be enough to retain those that are needed.
  6. Cant 821 C Tp take it on.T hey dont seem to do anything from day to day anyway?
  7. 821 are busy. Well I am told they are busy, well to be honest I don't think the senior management know where thier troops are on a day to day basis. This happens when the management are to busy themselves and the troops are left to their own devices.
  8. Bullet Fixer BDH wrote
    Each Sqn has been told to form an inspectorate team to carry out all the inspections in their Div, regardless of their geographical location. This is why some UK Sqn now have to inspect units in Germany. The local Tp will be responsible for liaison visits and 3622 (sorry 1663) action, regardless of which Div the unit belongs to.

    Even though the inspectorate posts are supposed to be non-deployable, I think it will not be long until the Tp will be tasked with the odd inspection which will slowly increase in number.

    We have been briefed about the Ammo Ops Cell, but hey will not be co-ordinating the inspection programme that will be up to the Sqn.
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hmmmmmmm, yeah OK. This'll work like a dream then.

    5 weeks on Otterburn? Two range ATs' needed? Of course it'll work.
  10. All the units in the 1 Div area are to be inspected by 921, even if actually members of another Div (it would be ridiculous to get someone from, say, Tidworth to inspect a unit who lodge at Fally 'cos tanks cost alot to move). 56 units or there about. Believe me, we can handle it! (And I've heard....You can't handle your duty free!)

    FAS establishment will have a fair effect as well.
  11. Establishment is one thing, meeting it is another. AT's have never been in such demand. Continuance anyone? Gap that post. Shut that stable door - oops to late horses have gone.
  12. Before we had 11 EOD Bn/Regt, it used to be called No 1 Ammunition Inspection & Disposal Unit. Note the position of the word "Inspection", before "Disposal"! However, if it now means that visiting Inspectors will travel in an admin vehicle and not as a duty team, then it can only be too the good and benefit of the Unit being inspected.

    I wonder how many inspections have been abruptly halted because the inspector is part of a team that is also available for tasking? This was totally unfair on the unit staff who frequently put a lot of effort into their preparation for the Ammo Inspection and deserved far better!
  13. Trouble is the priority

    99 anyone (no, not cornet)
  14. Bitchy, Bitchy..... I wonder if anyone has heard of the upcoming increase of troops deploying on Herrick 4 and that 821 are supplying for the first two roulements? Perhaps they are busy preparing for that and looking after a large handfull of baby ATs. G1, lovely.......

    821 has picked up 33 units to inspect, at the moment it will be down to the Tp Wo to carry them out since there is no one else available at the mo. Sounds a bit familiar doesn't it?