11 MI Coy/1 MI Coy - Any historical info??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by SMSA, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Not the most exciting thread you'll read on here, but im in search of information.

    As part of the daily duties that I have the pleasure of executing for this illustrious corps =| , I have been tasked with finding out a bit of the history surrounding what is now called 11 MI Coy, formerly 1 MI Coy, based in Herford, Deutschland, formerly part of the intelligence and security group, Germany.

    ICA are on the case, but I thought id go down this route in search of a more rounded picture.

    If there's anyone out there who can provide any info on dates of name changes, changes of location, or any toher interesting tidbits (photos, key peronalities etc) I would be extrememly grateful.
  2. Would have thought the precursor to that would have been 7 Int Coy under Int/Sy Gp (G). HQ was Bielefeld with 70 Int Sect at Corps, 71 Int Sect was 1 Div at Verden, 72 Int was 2 Div at Minden, 73 Int was 3 Div at (can't think!), 74 Int was 4 Div at Herford. Each Div had dets at the Bdes. When the Divs were pulled out 4 Div became 1 Div and the MI system brought in. :wink:
  3. 72 sect and 2 Armd Div was at Lubbeke as I recall, 73 and 3 Div were at Soest?

    Minden was 77 Int Section in support of 11 Armd Bde. Some of the stores there originally belonged to 17 Int Pln, which could have been part of 1 Int Coy?

    Check the back page of an old Threat! magazine for the orbat + Loctsat of 7 Int Coy.
  4. Poor fcuker, who have you p!ssed off?

    They probably told you doing this would 'raise your career profile'! :lol:
  5. I thought that 11 Coy was still in Cyprus - must be showing my age!

    I vaguely remember that confusion reigned in the late 70s when Task Forces and Field Forces were introduced. Osnatraz had Task Force Hotel and 5 Field Force Int Sects, both part of 7 Int Coy.

    Oh and how we loved the cypress green cravats!
  6. Oh you old cynic you, he probably thought he was going places!
  7. I bet CR has had loads of tasks like this!!!!!
  8. yes but the good thing about having come to a screeching career halt is that you can safely ignore such tasks :)
  9. By "old", he means Issue 1 or so :) Easy to tell, they're the ones with the really good cover art. It also covers the whole "Field Force" era....

    ...and yes, 73 Int was Soest (although it got renamed to that from something else, when 3 Div took over Soest from 6 Armd Bde).

    Apocrypha - it's also the reason for the name "Sixth Sense" - it was the 6 Armd Bde newsletter, that went BFG-wide.
  10. Wow - you must be honoured by the responsibility.

    I can lay my hands on a lot of personality stuff from the old 7 Coy as I have a stack of Threat Mags next to my bed (erm...in my office). In terms of the history side of it - trust me its complicated but in essence most of what's been said covers the good old Cold War - in essence

    HQ 7 Coy - Bielefeld until 93/4ish
    70 Int Sect - Bielefeld (used to be 1 (BR) Corps Int Sect)
    71 Int Sect - Verden (1 Armd Div)
    72 Int Sect - Lubekke (2 Armd Div - until late 70s early 80s)
    73 Int Sect - Soest (3 Armd Div)
    74 Int Sect - Herford (4 Armd Div)

    Each of the Div Int Sects comprised a WO2, 1 x SNCO and 3-4 JNCOs.

    Each of the Bdes had Int Dets comprising a Sgt and a Lance Jack.

    The Bde Int Dets were part of the parent Div Int Sect so taking 7 Bde as an example - that Det belonged to 71 Sect (1 Div). The numbering was alarmingly logical as well - 707 Int Det supporting 7 Armd Bde - 720 Int Det supporting 20 Armd Bde.

    Options for change (or the day the fun stopped in the Army) changed (excuse pun) all that. This is where it all gets murky. :?

    More tomorrow once I've checked my grumble (erm...Threat) mags and my 'I love me wall' in the office. - PM if you like.
  11. Thanks for all the words of support about my career! Lets just say, I dont think i'll be coming off the board any time soon!

    Seriously though, thanks, everyone for the replies so far.

    Combatintman-anything more you can add would be greatly appreciated. PM would be fine.
  12. well, if nothing else you have inspired combatintman to come out of the closet and join the arrse throng!

    combat int does that to some people... ;)
  13. Initially the orbat at Div was a WO + 4 Cpls/LCpls with reinforcements of 2 from 24 Int Coy (V). The only section with a WO then Sgt and 4 was 70 Sect at Corps. At Bde it was rank ranged for WO2/SSgt and Cpl/LCpl with reinforcement of 1 x TA. Div manning was upgraded to include a SNCO and bring strength up to 6 in 1983/84. I was at 1 Div 1980-82 and covered at 22 Bde when they were on leave, then at 7 from 82 to end of 83 :wink:
  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sleep :)
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    WTF was that all about??answers please on HF Mil 2222