11 January : 2 French KIA in Afghanistan RC-E

A French Staff Sergeant belonging to the 402 Air Defense Rgt and deployed as a medical specialist within an OMLT of the Afghan National Army 32 Bn has been KIA this morning in the city of Alassaï in RC-E. About 30 ANA soldiers and their French mentors were engaged by opposing forces using small arms.

A French captain part of the same OMLT has been very severely WIA and has died on the 12 of January.



Thanks for the link in English. According to the last details, the TIC lasted over an hour and involved CAS provided by F-16s. The Captain who was WIA is still alive despite some rumours to the contrary.
Whatever differences I have had with Fantassin regarding the British-French relationship, I hope the bloke rests in peace. It is easy to forget we are fighting a common enemy in the interests of us all.

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