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Discussion in 'REME' started by insttech, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. 11 GS Coy (2 Bn REME) reforms this week into 11 CS Coy (Big parades, marching bands _ NOT!!!). I've been asked to look into writing a short history of 11 GS Coy in all its guises. Anyone out there have any info on the Coy and its history - helpful info only please!
  2. I'm surprised 2Bn doesn't have some sort of record of 11 Armd, in the Messes or somewhere. How quickly we forget.....
  3. Well, I know the painter of the tour painting of Kosovo, if it's still in the OC's office and not been nicked. She's sat next to me as I type. We have a photo of it if you want an email. I was the Coy Clerk at the time. Obilic - what a shite hole. :shakefist:

    Actually, I vaguely remember there used to be a history of the Coy hanging in the corridor.

    So if GS Coy is becoming CS Coy, what's CS Coy doing? (None of this 11 Armd, 7 Armd rubbish when I was in 2 Bn.)
  4. I was on Op Telic 1 with 11 GS Coy and could tell a few funnies that would just put some people in a bit of a pickle!!

    Being in your location (closer than you think!!) I will give you any help I can offer.

    Stay Low Move Fast!
  5. Thanks for all the offers of help. I now have an official history of the Coy. (7CS is taying as is, we're now having two CS's, one ES coy and an OPR coy)
  6. It's hard to believe we oldies were in the same army as you blokes talk about.All this battalions and companies doesn't actually seem to have done anything other than to keep someone's backside on a seat at HQ REME. It was much easier to identify units when they had names like 9 Inf Wksp, 23 Base Wksp, 6 Armoured Wksp , 50 Command. Or is it that my old mind is failing along with my eyes.
  7. Trust me mate, if backside placement was the only thing that Battalions had brought I'd be a happier teddy bear. As opposed to the downright fcuking disaster that the concept has brought to ES in general and WRP in particular.

  8. At least the boss was tops though eh?
  9. Thats right Tels Muppet....he was brilliant

  10. I was thinking the same way.I recalled back in the late 60's watching an episode of the Likely Lads, where as the story went one ended up joining the REME. He called the other lad and said that he was now in the 2nd Batalion REME. We who were watching it in the NAAFI at Martinique, thought what a berk!

  11. Haha I won't try to guess, because I believe i don't need to :D