Hi Guys (n gals)

I'm interested in joining 11 eod regt but the recruiter in the afco is trying 2 convince me 2 go RE and go eod that way. Not wanting to look a fool :oops: (as usual) i was hoping someone can tell me the differences between the 2. I want 2 deploy on operations and give airborne a go who would be the best unit 4 me.

i'm greatful 4 any help :D
What do want to do?
Do you want to be an Ammo Tech or a Combat Engineer?
In both Corps EOD is a side line to their true trade.
dunno really

i have read the brochures and looked at the website but am still unsure of what exactly each trade actually does on a day-to-day basis.

i was hoping someone could give me even an idea so i could try decide before my barb test.
RE - Find UXO and "blow it up".

AT - Find UXO, know what it is, how it works and then "blow it up".

Plus of course everything else you have read in the brochures.
RE have many trades and will allow you to do EOD at various levels for a posting at a time (though there is scope to extent and stay in EOD in some cases). You will spend a period of time as a plain Combat Engineer (the 'basic' trade of almost all RE trade group) and then specialize.

RLC AT is a trade that deals with ammunition at a technical and storage level (as opposed to user, though there is user connection) and disposes of ammunition as a part of that technical function. That knowledge of ammunition allows ATs to carry out EOD on most conventional and improvised explosive items. ATs stay with ammo throughout trade.

Hopefully that is not too devicive, but pm for any other details.


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