11 EOD Regt, Unit emblem help

Can anybody help me.
As an ex-bleep, now at a phase 2 training unit, I have been volunteered to put together a wall display about the Regiment to try and excite the sprogs.
The problem is that while I have plenty of happy snaps of me in NI, arrsing around on blackboards and tacticas, I have no unit stuff. I have contacted the media centre at HQ, but had no joy.
Does anybody have, or know the location of a jpg of the 11 EOD emblem, Felix (found one on t'internet, but not much good) and a couple of good photos, along the lines of that 'Prepare to meet thy God' one that everybody claims was their job! :?
A PM would be appreciated, and if anybody knows me - alright? Hows it going.
Wobbly (Ex 621)
Surely the Felix is the emblem of 321 EOD Sqn, not 11 EOD Regt, or at least it was when I was with them (Well, 321 EOD Coy RAOC, anyway).

Ex bleep sums it up. LOL.

Would the obvious POC be the HQ bleepy types at 11 EOD? They have recruiting stuff for bleeps, must have loads of photos, and the 11 EOD badge is in electronic format somewhere. Have you tried the Royal Sigs mobile diplay team? The have 11 EOD stuff, I'm sure some of the guys on the team are ex bleepy types. The Army telephone directory will have the numbers. Dial 192 and ask for the numbers you require. Ooops, stating the obvious to a bleep again. (Only joking, PM if you need more info)

If you have access to CASH/CHoTs or any of that old spunk, PM me. I should be able to sort you out with all you require.

Cos I am great

Plant Pilot, I meant the 11 EOD emblem and Felix, sorry - my england not much gud.

Those of you who posted the scans and stuff, thanks, I'll be able to use alot of that.

I've tried phoning round the troops - what happens is, they all go 'yeah yeah, leave it with me mate', and then put the phone down and go back to watching Richard and Judy. I've done it, so I don't blame them.


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