11 eod regt potential posting

i am a dvr rad op and am thinking of applying for a posting at the above named regiment ,
any one on here been posted there before who can tell me anything about them and the job that i will be required to do would be a great help thanks

How are you at making tea?

Seriously though... fun posting with lots of strange people...
Are you an NCO. as 11 EOD does not have toms.

You may love it, you may hate it, but it will certainly be different.

Ask for one of the tasking Sqns - 521, 621, 721 there is also 321 in NI that now comes under 11's umbrella.

If you are in the UK or Germany there will be a troop not too far from you. Look them up and go for a visit.

Alternatively PM me with your location and i will let you know the nearest Tp.
For Dvr trade is L/cpl post as EOD No2/driver
Cpl post as EOD No2/ MT Cpl
Sgt post as Sqn MT Sgt

Hope this helps.

I had a great 4 years as TP storeman/EOD No2
yeah i am good at making brews as thats all i have done in my present/ old posting in 34 field hospital. i have just picked up on the full screw board i am hoping to get posted to germany to the eod troop there ( i believe they are in rochdale camp in bielefeld?
Rochdale Barracks in Bielefeld is 921 SHQ and a Troop, and Javelin Barracks in Elmpt is the other troop (Fallingbostel Tp shut down recently)
can you tell me any more about the job that they do?
please end this thread as i have been told by rhq 11 eod there are no spaces for me!! damn

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