11 eod didcot??

Discussion in 'RLC' started by carp king, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. hiya. is anyone on here posted or have any knowledge of jobs at 11 eod didcot??
  2. They're EOD and in Didcot, hth!
  3. cheers. just had an assigment order thru to 11 eod, just wanted some info on the job in hand
  4. Carp King,
    Tell us what Trade you are, and I will tell you what you are likely to be doing.

  5. do know a jnco who was their and got to drive with blues&two's?
    but you could be going to make the brews depending on your trade?
  6. You're posted to Didcot? Sorry to hear that

  7. im going as a driver, posting order says watchkeeper regtl ops, not sure wat that is?
  8. Theres 3 possibilities for watch keeper.

    JSEODOC - you'll be responsible from receiving MACP requests from the Police and task the appropriate team. It's a responsible job and there's quite a lot to it. JNCO.

    Ops for JFEOD Gp - Similar role but on ops, when not on Ops there's lots of exercises.

    Ops for CSAD - if you're Driver Comms Spec, you'll deploy with the CSAD and will provide the link between the CSAD and it's responsibilities.
  9. Read the remarks and make sure you are going to Didcot and not Wimbish.

    821 Sqn is now part of 33 Engr Regt, but until they get all the admin sorted out the asignment orders are still saying 11 EOD.
  10. I thought they were in the new gaff in Bicester.
  11. Fraid not,

    As at 1 Apr 821 EOD 11 EOD Regt stopped.

    As at 15 Apr 821 Sqn 33 Engr Regt (formed) and 49 Sqn stopped work.

    On or about Jul /Aug 49 will cease to exist and 2 search troops will be in Didcot for MACP under 421 EOD Sqn.
  12. thanx gents
    watchkeeper regtl ops JSEODOC thats wat my assigment order states. sounds intresting.
    what are shifts like? usual 8 til 5 or...?
  13. If there are only 11 hours in the day then your shifts will be 8 til 5...
  14. Why the **** is CSAD in with 33, it's a logistic function?