11 Bat - Find the silver paint mission

I'm not sure whether this is a joke or not, but I've been sent on a mission to find silver paint. I don't know where to start, who holds the budget on these sorts of things?
I'm not so good with the acronyms, I might try the CQ's later. If anyone asks where I've been, it's searching online for silver paint. 8)
Ask the QM for tartan paint if he's run out of silver. It's always a good substitute. You use a special brush to apply both silver and tartan called a long weight. The paint is difficult to spread properly without one so you need to ask for one of those as well.
I have a load of Zinc spray paint (silver colour) at work but won’t be back there to get the NSN for you for two weeks but it is available.

Kingxex said:
Ah it's alright guys, I'm starting to think it doesn't exist haha.
It exists alright mate, I wasted many an hour painting the inside of my 432 silver. What I never understood though is why the stuff would never fully dry?

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