11,100 immigrants wrongly cleared and allowed security jobs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViolentBadger, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Jacqui the spliff just can't get it right, another cock up by this corrupt inept Government.
  2. and we are surprised!, professional politicians who have never so much as managed anything other than their student grants, never had a real job, no management skills and who blunder about from department to department changing policy and reacting to the mornings headlines in the scum.....bunch of low life fcuk wits............and breath
  3. Might as well just live with stories like that these days :roll:

    If you so much as raise an eyebrow to such scandals, the leftie, multi-cultural-loving thugs will only rant like deranged Mullahs after seeing a nasty cartoon! :roll:

    We the British public have been forced to just accept these unbelievable, pathetic levels of incompetence by our "leaders" and damn those who dare mention immigration, foreign criminals, and positive dicrimination in the same sentence:x

    We are an overcrowded, lawless island with a collapsing, dysfunctional infrastructure and it will only get worse until someone in power grows the balls to put in place a system remove all the undesirables who have no right to be on our soil, at the moment they get employed in jobs that they should never have been considered for, you couldn't make it up:x :roll:
  4. What I want to know is how the fcuk did they get a S.I.A. licence!
    I run a security company and the lads (and lass's)
    when applying for their door badges are grilled!!
    send bank statements - driving licences- utility bills - National insurance card .......... ID photo signed by two witness's
    whow betide if you send a 'Copy' or don't fill in the six page document correctly!!
    This is all after attending a City & Guilds run 4 day course where you Pass/Fail and check you out personally....
    Anybody out there who has the door badge must be asking the same..
    I reckon if your an immigrant they just by-pass all the bull shite because refusing the immigrants and asylum seekers would be discrimintory!!
    that to me is the real story..
    Oh' did I tell you it's cost £400 for your door licence.. don't tell me they paid that too!!
    The Home secretary wants shafting for this!! (but that's another forum - Women you shouldn't but would...)
  5. Is the vetting done by government agencies or by private ompanies - if the latter then when did this start to happen?

    Channel4 News has just answered my question - the positions include such high faluting jobs as bouncers and CAR PARK ATTENDANTS.

    Such high risk jobs :roll:
  6. You even sneer like a Lib Dem....So you don't think having illegals working at "....had been subcontracted to a company that provided staff to guard locations under Metropolitan Police contracts.

    Others were employed at ports and airports. One man had been guarding government cars, including that of the prime minister." you don't think that some of the places these potential terrorists are working are cause for concern ?

    Now go and check what your lib dem masters are saying about this.
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    On the plus side....one of them was guarding the PM's car.....apparently....
  8. One of the two most worrying things about this issue is that it clearly shows how the current very mediocre crop of Ministers believe in Authority - and salary - without Responsibility. When she resigns in favour of a competent person I'll feel less insecure.
  9. ...add: and when her department is pruned, slapped and electrified into providing the service which we pay the bastards for, I'll feel even better.
  10. You couldn't make it up with this feckin useless government. They get the SIA to send letters to the 11,000 illegals saying 'we know that you are illegal and have told the Immigration Service who are coming round to arrest you.' They then tell the I.S. to trawl round 11,000 empty addresses finding no illegals but plenty of warning letters from the SIA.
    Not fit for Government.
  11. Yeah that thought did cross my mind too. I mean an incomplete 10 year address history or an address that reads "Dirkadirkastan tends to give the game away.... no?

    A copper I was talking to told me that there where quiet a few illegals working as PCSO's too because the background checks had been skipped over because of PC fast tracking.
  12. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Needlss to say Jacqui spliff has been appointed way above her natural ability by bottler.

    Spliff's natural ability?

    With constant supervision and monitering and a month's training,possibly managing to clean a toilet to a nearly passable standard.If you're lucky.

    And this b*tch is to be in charge of the ID card scam,er scheme?.

    Quelle horreur.
  13. Yea I agree.. if this lot lose Child Benifit data - screw the S.I.A. up (which I might add they make money from when it's only meant to be a proof of competence)
    Then how the fcuk are we to trust them with an ID system?

    I agree in principle with ID's.... but this goverment couldn't organise a fcuk in a brothel with a fistful of fifty's
  14. labour are so gay. thats my intelligent input.
  15. Left the Army in October. Don't know how they passed the SIA process, I am waiting for a start date for the old bill (Having completed the whole process), and am earning mortgage tokens by shaking hands with padlocks until the call comes. So far it has taken 8 weeks for my licence to arrive and it may take upto 15 weeks, despite already being in receipt of Police and SC vetting. Ruddy shambles as usual.