10m want to quit over-taxed UK

In fairness the Surveys given basically phrase the question as "Do You want to pay less Tax?" All a cunning plan to distract from the real reasons people want to leave, government incompetence, national identity stamping, world unpopularity due to government actions, interfering nanny state etc etc eetc
Well I live in a country that is very heavily taxed, much more so than the UK. However, the difference is I can actually see the benefits of the taxes I pay, unlike in the UK where the money demanded kept being increased but for much poorer services all round.

I am just glad I escaped from the UK when I did. I have no desire to ever move back there. the only thing I miss are good pints of bitter and country pubs. It normally only takes me two hours after ariving in UK to be reminded why can no longer be bothered to waste my time and effort on it.

Maybe, one day after scum Blair has gone, there might be a chance that the UK gets a government that is actually interested in the welfare of the British people - but I am not holding my breath on that one.
In the late 90's I moved over to the USA and lived there for the next 6 years... the taxation was much more bearable and the simple fact was that despite the theoreitcal £1 = $1.75 (roughly) - your dollar bought you there, more than a pound does here.

Better standard of living, lower cost of living.

When I explained the level of tax in the UK to my new friends over the pond they were not impressed. At the time I said it was worth it because it paid for our free healthcare (so we didnt need private medical cover), paid for our free dental, paid for University grants so our students were not crippled with debts to fund themselves through college/Uni.

At that time I still though that.

get back to the UK in 2004 to find our taxes even higher - but the supposed benefits (healthcare, pensions, further education) have all but gone - so where does all our extra taxes go?

does B.Liar have a secret slush fund somewhere? or is our money paying for his retiral home in a hollowed out Volcanoe along with Bloefeld?

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