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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fairmaidofperth, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. what's a normal time to run this in?

    I'm 47 and been running for just under a year, this week did it in 53mins, is this ok? I always run on my own so have no idea how I'm doing
  2. 53 mins is not a bad time.

    mind you, a few weeks ago i went on a 90 min bike ride, then ran 1.5 miles to the start of a 10K route, and then did 10k in under 50mins - I was training for a triathlon though. But usually, before all the training that i have been doing, it takes me about 50 mins.
  3. What ever time you acheive if it your best then you should be very pleased with it. Hence PB (Pesonal Best), it is your personal acheivement and no one elses. My 10k PB is 30:54 and while many would say this is a great time, (I'm proud of it) compared to the World Record of 26:17 my time is slow (I'd be lapped 4 times in the Olympic 10,000m!)

    Since you have asked the question I presume you would like to improve on it and possibly be competitive aginst similar aged runners. In my experience an athlete compares him/herself aginst other athletes of similar standard, it's natural.. If one fails then it hurts! If one is sucessful then it's great! But failing against someone who is of a much higher standard is damaging so concentrate on your personal progress and mark it against people you know of roughly the same standard. (In other words, if you have a friendly grudge against a neighbour go one better by buying a faster car than his or a better lawn mower, a bigger Christmas tree or something, don't try beating him if he happens to be a 35 minute 10k runner!)

    Oh and by the way, for a 47 year old after less than a year of running, acheiving 53 minutes is highly comendable. Aim to make improvements gradually though your major gains will be during the earlier years of your running 'career' (hobby) as your body adapts and gets used to training. Good luck.
  4. I managed this year's British 10k (held in London July 2nd) in 51.7 minutes. For me this was pleasing, especially as it was 32 degrees and in an urban area. As Doomandgloom rightly said, it's all about PB and doing your best (progressing each time).

    But yeah, if there has to be a rule of thumb with a 10K, a time under one hour is considered to be very worthy and respectable.
  5. Worthy and respectable indeed. But what about for army standard specifically officers? I did a 7 mile in an hour and 18 seconds this week. Is this pace sh!t for the army, i know its alright for civvie street as its a 8 and a half minute mile.
  6. There isn't an official army requirement for a 10k pace but for comparison a 47 year-old man would be expected to do the 1.5 mile BPFA in 12:30 and a 47 year-old woman in 15:00.
    That pace is the same as a little over 52:00 or 62:30 respectively for 10k. Obviously you'd expect to run more slowly when you're going 4 times the distance so it looks like the army would consider you to be pretty good.

    See here for the figures
  7. IMHO in the military generally you are not required to run continually for an hour (but the ability to do so is required), tab certainly because distance covered as a squad and with kit is the aim. Age and sex are the factors considered during APFAs not rank. However, as a junior officer you'd be expected to be able to 'lead fom the front' and for this a your present level of fitness is good but should be improved upon if possible. As a staff officer I'm certain you'd be encouraged to eat all the pies you can lay your hands on as fitness becomes a distant memory.... :lol:
  8. thanks for the comments/tips everyone

    I know I can now comfortably do it in under an hour, next goal is to build up my distance

    marathon for my 50th?
  9. Marathon? Yes, and why not? I always say that 26 is just a number. I also say that you only hit 'the wall' if you are ill prepared or misjudge your early pace. Idiots seen staggering legless all over the roads at London each year ( :lol: ) are ill prepared and ill disciplined, they don't get my sympathy.

    PM me if you'd like a little guidance fairmaidofperth...
  10. How did you get on the marathon - ultra time now?1?!:)
  11. 47? Female? 53 mins? Fcuk yeah, take a like.

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    Just seen the date it was posted. But the like stands anyway.
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  12. Start with half marathons (20k) and see how you get on.

  13. Do you have any kneecaps left?
  14. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    People get way too hung up on army running. Squaddies aren't athletes, they're just (or should be) quite fit. I'll stick my neck out and say that if you descended on a bn and just went out there and then, most would come in between 40 and 50 minutes. Including the officers who are no fitter than anyone else.
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  15. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Well spotted.

    I suppose that makes the comment about bn running somewhat redundant as well.