108,000 in the Army? Which army? Salvation army?

We do not have 108,000 people in our army.

someone has been telling a few porkies.

The undermanning in the infantry is testimony to that. We might have 108,000 if Geoff Goon hadn't put a cap on recruitment. In fact, my regiment would now be over-manned but instead has a 1 in 6 chance of the chop by October 04 and actually will be merged by 08. (yes, am in a Scottish Regiment).

With all due respect to the Paras, who are a great bunch of guys *coff* why are they not being touched? And the Household Division?????? JESUS! I can only imagine the conversation that went on there. "No Tarquil, of course we can't reduce the Guards...Good GOD man! who'll be my bat-man for the next Hunting and Fat Boys Port Drinking Ball?" Pure Tarts the lot of them.

No, we'll just cut some regiments who have been on back-to-back tours for the last 18 months, who have proven themselves in battle and in subsequent COIN ops as the best on the field, and who are being aclaimed for their tremendous retention techniques and efforts.

oh, I'm not bitter.

you have every right to be pisshed off! its all a load of arrse and the Army has been sold out by the t0ssers in power. And to top it all, not one of the senior Generals stood up and told them to fick off and resigned.

Looks like they wanted their Knighthood too much.

To all the heirarchy who reads this, well done chaps. Moral is now and forever will be totally ficked.

Oh, in case you never guessed I'm pisshed off too. Now where's that bottle of whisky.....................................
what's that about "lions led by donkeys"

how about "blokes led by f*cking w*nking t*ssbag cnutflapping spineless sons of flea ridden whores"

:evil: :evil:

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