105mm lightgun

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by peanut-picker, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. So im joining up, and have always had an intrest in 105mm lightgun so in which case im gonna go for the Ra and gor fo that option, anyone with any info about whats its like to operate what sort of things you do etc and most of all is it an enjoyable choice to pick? much appreciated.
  2. I think there are 2 Regt who use the light gun all the time which is 29Cdo and 7RHA but all gun Regts can convert to the Light gun depending on the role they will be deploying in.
    I spent my 22 in the RA/RHA and loved every min of it.
  3. Look at the RA area on here - 7 Para RHA use Lt Gun, 29 Cdo RA and now 40 Regiment, although as stated, any gun Regt may re-role to light gun depending on op need (3 RHA recently sent a Bty out to Afghan with Light Gun).

    Predominantly, the Para and Cdo Gunners use it, so you will be guaranteed a physically demanding time (you will have to do P-Coy or AACC first to serve there). Now with 40 Regt using it, you don't have to do an extra course (volunteers to 7 and 29).

    Actually using the kit, it is similar to the AS90, but instead of being a vehicle and a gun in one, you travel in a vehicle towing the gun (or in a helicopter, gun underslung). Armoured warfare differs slightly, but 105mm has more utility in difficult terrain (as it's more manoeuvrable) - it can be got to difficult to reach places, high altitude etc - hence its use in Afghan, the Falklands (back in the day) as well as being wherever 155mm goes too.

    If you are interested in the guns, then AS90 may be just as good.
  4. 4th Regimtne now have a dedicated Light Gun Battery (3/29 (Corunna)). I believe that many of the UK based Regiments may well go that way.

    Not to worry, whichever gun regiment you go to, as soon as you're warned off for Afghanistan you'll convert to Light Gun.
  5. Nice one guys, thats a great help.

  6. really???