105mm Light Gun

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Gunner_REMF, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. I am teaching on one of the (Combat) ART course and the OC of the team has asked me to put out feelers to find such a beast to enhance the teams recruiting abilities. There are two young "Gunners" on the team and the OC feels that if they can drag a 105 Light Gun around alongside their recruiting caravan it will attract more punters and who knows perhaps more Gunner recruits. Any serious ideas or offers???
  2. Which Bde area are you in?
  3. Don't you just indent for one from CoD or wherever?
  4. Apol....ogies for being a Sapper and 'intruding' on the Gunners Forum but this thread title brought some memories back from '97' on the Glamoc Ranges, my Team had just completed the proving of the new lanes to bring the tanks and AFV's up to the start line without getting seen by the awaiting audience, when we happened to pass by a battery of Commando Gunners, very impressive site of all the 105's firing out downrange, we introduced ourselves as a Sapper EOD Team and after showing us around the guns we repaid their generosity by introducing a few of the lads to some 'demolitions' we had a load of items needing destroying, the 29 lads seemed to enjoy their time that afternoon with us placing several charges with us destroying a load of artillery shells and a few mines we had cleared earlier... Is there anyone on here who remembers that day? if so, Thanks for the Intro to the Guns all the lads enjoyed themselves that day all so many moons ago now!

  5. Your best bet would be to approach the nearest TA unit who sould be able to help you out - but the guns are are rather busy at the moment :wink: .

    The main drama you will have is that they are VOR until their brakes are sorted, so you will need them low-loaded on a DROPS (don't know of timeframe for this?).
  6. I read a post about recruiting on a different thread that stated that there was a joint Infantry/Arty stand once where they brought along a 105 and had considerably more buisness that the PBIs big shiney things (or smelly dirty things) sell

    Just please please please don't have endless photos of tarts sitting astride the barrel thinking they're Cher
  7. Please please please do - new thread here???
  8. Glamoc 97 - would probably have been 8 Bty?
  9. Cuddles,

    I guessed it was 29 Cdo as the lads who we took through the dems were Commando's as far as I remember... Good Lads all of them and it was a good day all round...
  10. 43 (Wx) Bde - any joy? may try 266 Bty.
  11. You're a long way from me and the L118s I know about.

    As you say, try 266 or why not try the RSA at Larkhill?
  12. Thanks F B will do.
  13. Another option is speak to 47 Regt in Thorney Island and see if you can "borrow" a HVM Stormer, I understand they have a few spare at the mo, irrespective to what you think about AD, they are quite nice and shiny
  14. With Lt Gun being a very indemand piece of equipment these days, Units require every spare L118 for training to get them up to speed for Operations, i doubt that u will get one to pull around with the reruiting caravan even though it is a good idea.
  15. It was 79 Bty, I was there, but on the FOO parties so missed your dems , but it may well have been one of your guys who took a few of us for an up close and personal tour of a minefield, later that same week I believe. I remember the TV Mine, a mahoosive homemade claymore.