105mm in afghanistan

How are the 105mm being used in afghanistan by 29cdo and 7rha

Are they staying with the guns or doing ops as infantry etc?
The_0ne said:
How are the 105mm being used in afghanistan by 29cdo and 7rha
To kill Terry Taliban.

Hope this helps.

I know they arent in afghan at the moment thee probably in norway winter training?

What i meant is when they were out there did they just stay with the guns all the time or did they accompany rest of 3 commando on ops around town etc
We had our own MFCs but the FOOs were welcome to tab along, as well as the Crab FACs

but yes, everyone is welcome to join the party - as long as they don't leave their sense of humour behind! :p :lol: :) :D :wink: :bounce:
well, I'm an old soldier. My first incarnation in gren was as a gunner on the 105s. My first job was jumping out the back of a 1 Tonny and taking the wheel off so that we could point the barrell in the right direction. It was a cnut of a job, especially when muddy, so I know that gunners need a good sense of humour.

(mind you, firing the 105 in the A/T role was a blast! 8) )
A blast and pointless - I often wondered as I ran through anti-tank drills why I wasn't spending that 5 minutes or so in the back of my Pinz driving flat out in the opposite direction!!
It was quite funny, we spent a morning carrying out A/T shoots on the 105 on the ranges at Larkhill, then the afternoon firing the Charlie G. It was like overkill to underkillin one easy lesson! :lol:

Which gets me to thinking - apart from long range hits where the layer cannot see the target, has the 105 ever been used to take out a vehicle of any kind?

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