105mm ammo

Hi all looking for some help my question is can the 105 fire a fsds round?

Just asking as when we were conducting range clearance at Castlemartin ranges i found a discarded part of a 105mm round which was an fsds round just didn't think that light gun fired that type of ammo??

If you were at Castlemartin ranges, chances are that you found part of a 120mm DS Prac or APFSDS (Not sure if CM has the template for 120 Fin).

We never fired 105mm APFSDS from the 105mm Tk. (except experimentally).

Was it a dart or part of the sabot (a petal) that you recovered?

For APFSDS the sabot is black and the dart has fins.

For DS Prac the sabot is blue and the dart has a truncated cone.
Almost certainly nowhere near enough MV to make any form of APDS useful from a 105mm field gun of any sort. You'd need a decent size chamber and much more robust recoil system to get the sort of MV you need.

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