Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by diverre, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Shove it then u rude arrogant bastard!
  2. FFS give the cnut a break, its actually quite a good video he's posted there, so what if its in the wrong place!

  3. It may well be a good video but there is an entire fucking thread devoted to videos.

    I recommend you visit the second link I placed before allowing your keyboard to resemble the arse end of a dolphin having an enema.
  4. I'm all over that 2nd link, thats why I feel within my rights to gob off when I want.
  5. I'm sorry, I must have mistakenly linked to a thread that reads 'crayon all over the fucking internet and write whatever the fuck your head-dobber allows you to'.

    Hang on a minute, I'll amend the link to take you to the topic thats discussing the sheer amount of fucking dribble being placed in the NAAFI. :roll:

  6. Good. At least you're getting the fucking message. :roll:
  7. Sorry, didn't realise that this was your personal forum.

    Now look what you've made him do, you've upset him!

    Maybe if you dont want to read it you should just move on instead of giving people sh1t and therefore making the pointless thread longer!
  8. The pointless thread will be binned. Do you agree that posting threads that will probably get no replies just wastes space and are actually pretty pointless. Most video link posts usually dont require a response hence their being an entire thread dedicated to them. If you dont agree with that, crack on with your crayolas.
  9. Is it any wonder the MOD's of the NAAFI get fcuked off with having to move shite like this to the hole?
  10. I do agree actually fella, but maybe you should have just not replied to his thread, because the only reason that I replied was because you got all mightier than thow on his ass and I thought it was a little harsh. And now we've got half a page of crap.
  11. If I hadn't replied in the manner I did, the thread would have attracted tons more people adding one line comments or other vid links. Not really enhancing the value of the NAAFI.

    Fear not, the thread will be hooped but hopefully one more person has learned to just have a quick look at the sticky threads before posting.

    Anyway, I'm a fucking bully so I'm allowed to be harsh. ;)
  12. Well before it goes then,