105 Regt

Still unofficially 3 btys of Lt Gun, although nothing is certain until TCH signs the bit of paper.

(Soon to be FOO_Boy)
Heard at my last drill night that 106 are staying AD and that 105/104 are re-rolling. One of them to UAV. Even though we don't have the new UAV yet!

Go figure.
106 are staying in their current AD role
105 seem to be re-roling to light gun, substantiated both by announcements and by the current courses on offer
104.... well who knows, might be true about your rumour eh Tea Boy ?
wont be any problem for 105 as we ars used to last minit.com it will just be another job with good py and promotion prospects. who knows we may even take the kins cup to ad to all our other trophies. :lol:
You probably won’t see the new UAV, well maybe a cardboard cut-out for the near future anyway. I think it will take 32 quite a while to get their hands on it.
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