105 Regt Tartan Rank Slide

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by OP_ACK, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got any idea where I can get hold of one of these?

  2. Write a letter to said regt and ask for details of their PRI?
  3. 105 dont wear the horrendous tartan slide anymore.


    i have a few. what rank do you want?

  4. What PRI?? 105 aint got one, troops get directed to Garrison PRI.

    I believe they are getting rid of their Ross tartan kilts and other bits n' bobs. :) :) :)
  5. 105 discontinued the wearing of the slide in 2006 for reasons not givin.
    looks like only the regulars are alowed to wear it so much for the one army
    pipes and drums will still wear the ross tartan though. hvm boy should get to know his regimental history before gobbing of about it though
  6. if you want to get a hold of one then contact the rqms 105 regt
  7. RQMS 105 has no Ross tartan rank slides, most of the Regiment kept their slides as a souvenir of 'times past and the end of an era' lol, and the Ps & Ds are on the way out

    OP Ack pm me, I might be able to help :wink: :wink:
  8. has anyone told the pipers ? we will now have to bring mouth organs to mess dinners
  9. Dont think so, but how many pipers, proper pipers does the Regt have :( :(
    I've got a comb and tissue you can borrow :lol: :lol:
  10. i will let the pipers know that their not proper pipers when i am back at the tac i am sure they will pass their regards to you as well
  11. How many pipers, who play regularly and are not training to be pipers, does 105 have??
  12. Its nothing to do with the regs vs TA, 19 Regt have worn and dropped their slides several times dependant on the whim of the DRA/CO, same as Bty Stable belts and other regimental funnies
  13. all 105 pipers are fully trained pipers one is an instructor fully qualified
    pipe major is a bsm of one of the btys.
    must be an english thing with the tartan they have been trying to stop us wearing it for years, another piece of history going to the wall.
  14. I know a couple of pipers from former HQ Bty, one a lassie, and a couple of guys who were training on the drums.

    Seen nothing of the Ps & Ds for a while. As I said earlier, word is that the Pipe Band kit is being backloaded and the Ross tartan accoutrements will probably be sold off.

    Another Pipe Band, and a little bit of tradition, bites the dust. :(
  15. For the record, the tartan rank slide was abandoned earlier this year when 3 of the (then) 4 BCs reported to the CO, at a Comd Gp Conf, that, having consulted their soldiers, their Btys were not willing to pay for more to be made. After several years with the same original stock, and since these items don't come through the system, they were looking tatty and needed replacing.

    This was a simple decision - if you want to keep them, you've got to pay for them. Sadly it seems, the majority did not.

    In terms of the P&Ds, yes, it'strue the band will be 'disbanded'. However, enought piping kit will be maint for each Bty to have 2 pipers each, with the remainder of eqpt being sold off and any takings returned to PRI. And yes, we do have a PRI, but only just. It was set up about 4 months ago and is slowly building funds. Shortly, the Regt hope to provide a shop facility. Sadly, if a PRI fund has existed before now, we might not have had to get rid of the rank slides in the first place. In a couple of years we might have enough money for someone to propose that we buy a new stock and start wearing them again!