103mph wheelie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stinker, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. I once saw a guy doing one all the way down one of the exit sliproads onto the M60 in Manchester a few years ago, he was shifting but no idea how fast, mad cunt!
  2. What a cunt endangering the lives of others with his stupid trick. Twats like this give a bad name to motorcyclists. He should be put on the course that shows the graphic consequences of motorcycle accidents where the motorcyclist has been turned into a road smear.

    I'd tie his limbs to four big hairy motorcycles and get them to pull him apart slowly, then slice his innards up and hang them on the door of the local motorcycle cafe as a warning to others. That'd learn him...

  3. Come on now,don't sit on the fucking fence. :meditate:
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  4. I had to put that, what with it being the NAAFI and all...
  5. I`m fairly sure that after a few beers and my bikes had been capable of that, at age eighteen or nineteen, I would have been doing that.

  6. Begs the question,Why?

    Wheelies,on todays bikes,aren't difficult,it's all the other clever things like,stopping,cornering,avoiding other road users,that seem to be a problem to plebs like this!

    If they just fucked themselves up,I wouldn't have a problem but,it's the other poor bastard,that they hit/maim/kill,that tends to make me think they're twats of the first order,and shouldn't be entitled,to be on the same bit of road as me,and at 18,or 19 you wouldn't have been allowed to ride that bike today.

    The twat was 26,nearly an adult................

  7. "Nearly an adult" these days, with the Playstation Liveathomes is generally about 45.
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  8. Have you ever, ever, done anything, anything, just because you could? I am no kid but I can`t imagine being as old and miserable as you sound.
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  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I used to often see a dude who looked a lot like the black geezer from Faithless, weaving through the rush hour traffic on the back wheel of his mountain bike at about walking pace.

    His control was a thing to behold, very impressive. Always cheered my morning up.

    I love a good wheelie me, especially when I'm overtaking some old granny who's been holding me up. I'll always make a point of popping the front wheel up and blipping the throttle for a bit of a cheeky backfire.

    Wheelies are cool.
  10. Take Roof- Twot out with you. See if you can kick some life into it.
  11. Well said.

    For a miserable fun-sucking old cunt with a mouth like a cat's arrse and the soul of a politician, that is.
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  12. You see,you've now blown any semblance of gravitas,in your posts,trying to be funny?

    Yup I've popped a few wheelies in my time,first time in 65,on a Speed Twin (Just slightly harder,than a modern Rice Burner),at what used to be known as Long Marston airfield,I believe is now called Shakespeare County Raceway,or some such.

    Never on a public road,so that makes me a miserable old git does it,fine I don't have a problem with that,it's called being a responsible road user,try it,you might enjoy it.

    I'm retired,and still have a choice of 3 bikes to ride,and in 47 years of riding bikes,I've only been to A&E once (not my fault),and I ride all over Europe during the Summer,so who's the miserable git now?

    Don't judge other people by your own abilities,sunshine,your comments might just come back,and bite you in the arse! ;-)
  13. Ace riding!

    Reminds me of this chap