1033 Validity

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jimima_Shark, May 18, 2010.

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  1. I've always heard that the 1033 is for temporary loan of eqpt. What is considered as temporary loan and what happens after this time, as surely the 1033 remains valid in perpetuity?


  2. You are supposed to resign for the kit, I think its about 3 months.
  3. Temporary is something that isn't a permanent issue (obviously), and will be returned by you at some point.

    The 1033 gets signed off/ripped up/whatever once you've returned the item to G10 etc.
  4. Temporary = not permanent, a bit of kit for a course to a 10 tonner. The 1033 is an document that accounts for the items absence from your store because it's been issued. When you hand the kit back you should receive the 1033 in exchange (or at least see the storeman rip it up) although I understand that nowadays you strike it through and sign to show it's been returned.

    Kit on long term issue should be signed for every three months.
  5. JSP 886 Vol 4 Part 201 Para 30 states:

    30. The following is to apply:
    a. Individual Loans. The loan issue of equipment to an individual, including personal equipment, should be limited by the approving authority to a specific period not exceeding 3 calendar months; this period may be extended when the individual is away from the permanent station on detached duty. The item(s) is to remain on unit charge during the loan period, and the individual acknowledges receipt in a personal loan book or on AF G1033.

    In essence, 1033s should normally be used to record a loan for up to 3 months but that may be extended, all 1033s should have an expiry date.

  6. And what happens after said expiry date if a new 1033 has not been raised and a significant length of time has gone by?

  7. I can't remember putting expiry date on 1033s, I sure its just the date the kit is signed for. You still have to hand back the kit regardless of how long ago you signed for it.
  8. Expect your Q bloke to have a word with your Pl Sgt along the lines of "Get that scrote with that kit in here ASAP", alternatively you could get 1956'd.

    If the significant length of time is over 3 months then the Q bloke himself will have some explaining to do, do not expect him to allow that to happen.

    Why what haven't you handed back?
  9. What if you signed it out 30 years ago and the unit has been rebadged twice? (Or is it three times?)

    Do i need to keep my '58 pattern webbing, steel pot and S6 hidden away and maintained in good condition? Or can I start to wear it openly?
  10. Highly interesting conversation Here where some nugget asked the same thing.

  11. The 1033 itself is not a temporary issue, as an 'Issue / receipt' voucher it covers the transit from one account to the next. When a receipted copy is returned from the issuer they close it off their account.

    Temporary loan is when you hold it against the 1033 only. If you are not returning it, resigning for it or bringing it onto an account then you haven't gained a freebie, it's just that someones not doing their job.

    I was once issued a laptop, printer and various other kit at a seminar. As I had parked in the space behind the MGS hut they happily watched me walking back and forth piling shiney new gear on the back set of my car.

    Then as soon as I pulled up to the gate everyone rushes out all excited to ask if I may have any government property in my posession!

    When I pulled out a 1033 they looked like they might cry.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It's also amusing when you're presented with a fresh 1033 to resign for a bit of kit you've never heard of, and on inspecting the original it becomes blatantly obvious that the CQ and his goons have forged a shit load of signatures to cover their arses for missing kit on the recent Techeval.
  13. Goons, you mean young capable efficient soldiers dedicate.........I'm wasting my time aren't I!
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  15. Whats a 1956? Surely you mean a P1954 :)

    If I have stuff out of date on 1033 they get a phone call from me, no joy then a phone call from the ASM and then if no joy, Black Eye 67 and billed.