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Hello ARRSE'rs,

Quick question, I was looking at joinigng the TA as part of the Signals 742 (Access) Troop. I joined on the monday from the army recruitment centre, turned up on drill night on the tuesday and was told the unit probably wont exist on the wednesday? 8O

I have been looking at my options, I know the unit no longer exists, at the same site the 103 field engineers have a signal coy. I was wondering from this if I could perhaps join 103 and join within their signal coy? Is it possible to join as an engineer unit but as a signal? Or am I sadly out of luck on this one.

The main reasons I would like to join the signals are to learn reacher, satcom, bowman and various other signal work. Plus my belly and waist line could use the excercise. Anyone from this unit point me in the right direction, or any other advice?

If you live in the North East, want to join the TA as a signaller and are thinking of doing it in the Engineers, then you should consider 299 Para Squadron RE. They have just opened a Troop in Gateshead that has vacancies for signallers (and all other Royal Engineer trades). And you get to go parachuting.

See 299 Para Squadron website for details.

Edited to amend website address
Thanks gangrene, just got off the phone with Intelligence TAC in Gateshead. They didnt sound too impressed with my skillset. Maybe they just dont like former ATLAS guys, im guessing its a big red cross on anyones record?

299 looks pretty good, just pushing to see if i can join 103 (as its closer), but wouldn't mind a pair of wings. Will chase it up see what options they have although I've heard some pretty good things about 299 already.

BTW I keep hearing the term O-levels, but its never been an issue. I have GCSE's but why do most units still refer to them as O-levels? It confuses the pot. Are they referring to "DO I HAVE O-Levels", or "Do I have GCSE's", I said I had no O-levels on the phone (as I dont), GCSEs yes.At the end of the convo I got the whole "Don't call us, we'll call you".

In either case 103 or 299 looks as if the engineers are the way forward, hopefully I will get a better response than the Intel TAC.

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