103,000 must be total Sh 1 T

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnojohnson, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. They (the government) have announced that the Army revue will be announced at the end of the week. Yet they then announce that a further 900/1000 TA (no offence meant) will be seconded to Telec?

    I personally think the number “103000” is a con if not then complete and utter CR*P. This number includes those that are yet to be re-assigned to the reservists (TA / etc) and those that provide a “civilian” role. It must be the case otherwise were are the 103k that we now have to depend on “re-allocated” troops (I must reiterate there is NO insult meant towards the TA as they provide the final deployment) but where are the numerated many that even this glorious website purports to.

    Irrespective of an answer, I can only account for 64k troops this includes those in Belize, Germany, Afghanistan, UK based support troops, the former Yugoslavia and of course Telec?.

    As an addendum I have never heard so much sh1t from a single government – “The blind Sh1t” suddenly resigns and yet “Our” glorious leader says and I quote “He is my friend”. Who should resign alongside his friend? I leave that up to you
  2. Assuming that 103,000 is correct, that represents about 0.3% of the working population of the UK.

    Compare that with about 7.5 million civil servants, representing about 25% of working population...

    I shall let you draw your own conclusions...
  3. jj im confused - surely you can't expect all our soldiers to be on operations all the time? You cite 64k as being on ops, well that leaves under half the army persuing home duties, training, recruiting etc. I very much doubt that any of the 103k are non existent. Just because we aren't slotting people or having bricks bounce off riot shields on a daily basis, it does not mean we are doing our job to any less of a degree. TA being used as supplementary troops, to prevent or at least minimise the attachment of sub units to different cap badges and to bring a variety of skills into the British Army on operations.
  4. The Regs are now nearly on permanet ops, and have precious time off to spend with there familys in most cases.
    Its good to send the TA out on ops for a number of reasons

    1, It allows the regs to have some time off and unwind
    2, It shows the TA what regular life is really about
    3, The TA can learn more on one deployment with the regulars, than they probablly could in 10 years sitting in there ta centers, makingthem a more useful force.
    4,It allows the regulars to learn some new skills from the TA due to there civvy jobs.

    As stated the regulars cannot go from on op straight onto another, and its about time the TA started earning there money.
  5. The floor is open
  6. Can only agree, unfortunately. Guys, you can talk about having joined up in the days of T-72s et al crashing across the Inner German Border all you like. You can reiterate that the Govt of the day consists of shortsighted congenital fcukwits who don't understand the havoc they're wreaking, til you're blue in the face. You can try, against all odds and all British Army precedent to change things from the bottom, for the rest of your naturals.

    But. You are faced with the here and now. In this climate, and with these operational commitments, unless you have been, are on, or are going on Ops, you are baggage. You know very well what the situation is - some of you seem to drip about it enough...

    If you don't like it, leave - you have it so very easy in that respect.[/quote]
  7. Sabre, almost agree with you. However.
    1. Do the regs not get their extended leave over and above their entitlement when embarking on/returning from their theatre of operations?
    2. Why would we care unless we actually wanted to be regular, in which case just do "the short course" training and then do attachments for the rest of your life(and it is well known that a CO struggling for new headcount will always offer his TA attachees an opportunity to make a change in their paperwork and suddenly become regular)?
    3. Agree entirely. Us STABs are shite in real life unless we have done an attachment. Goodness me. We are so naive aren't we.
    4. Spot on mate. And once they've learned what real life has to offer, hand in their cards. (oops....that wasn't supposed to happen)

    As for the quote......at least the majority of TA soldiers know how to earn a living...as well as spend their hard-earned weekends off doing stuff that makes them nearly worthy of serving with their regular counterparts. Oh...and probably getting shite from their employers for doing it.

    As I said....I nearly agreed with you. :roll:
  8. I can understand what you are saying, but i am also speaking as a Ex PSI for a TA Unit. I know exactly what most of them are like ( NOTE:- i say most).
    When the challenge comes for a operational deployment most will turn it down, as they are only in it for the bounty and the cheap beer in the bar.

    I seen enough people coming in off the streets to ask ' if we could teach them how to use a gun, so they could cap a gang member'

    Even when exercises were called on a bounty weekend i seen people ducking out of them coz they had to go to boots for toenail clippers.

    Then complain at the end of that we didnt put on enough weekends for them cash in??

    Nah they need to get with the true meaning why the joined, and earn the money for once and notbe a burden on the rest of the forces
  9. OK Sabre...to sum it up......(for "Most TA")...

    We are in it for the beer....
    We are "Gangstas"
    We are tarts
    We are shallow, money grabbing moaners.

    Sabre....I appreciate that was back in the cold war days when you were a PSI....but give us a little credit. We seem to reflect the regular army quite nicely.....don't you think? Mind you, how could I possibly know? Not as if I've ever bailed a regular army corporal out of the shite on operations, is it?
    :wink: ....of course not. I'm a STAB. We couldn't possibly be better that our regular counterparts......could we???? 8O

    Ah fcuk it, i'll get me coat...out of stores....while I hand my 1157 in if that is how we are going to be viewed.

    Oh...and good luck on your next tour (if you are still a serving member that is)...I won't be with you. And nor will the majority of my (telic et al) mates if you continue to make this kind of gesture towards your part time brothers and sisters.

    FFS.....the coffee smells nice over here.........
  10. 64,000 (4 Divisions worth) on operations? Surely you mean only 40,000 are in barracks in the UK. The 64,000 figure includes 1 DIV and 3 DIV, yes? Of whom only a brigade are deployed at the moment, and the rest are in barracks, with their wives and children down the road?

    For all the TA bashing, they are the armies deep reserve, and casually commiting ones reserve is a really bad idea.....

    So if a regular was given the option, they wouldn't rather hang around the bar instead? Only in it for the pay and cheap accomodation?

    Surely any regular having a go at the TA for lack of commitment should be happily volunteering to go back somewhere sandy, or else risk hipocracy?
  11. [/quote]

    I have been here for the last 27 years.I am "baggage".I signed up for "Queens Order 2" in order to serve if the world went up in flames. No one has ever handed it to me.I have no problems with that.I am here if needed and have no intention of leaving and do not feel any guilt for"not having volunteered for operations(for a second time)".If I was needed You or some similarly f*ckwitted would have called!!
  12. French excused (in parlance terms...as opposed to the nation as a whole) Firestarter.....I think you summed up my point entirely.... :D
  13. HEAR, HEAR!!

    Micky_Dees and firestarter

    Was going to say something too..... but you have said all that is needed!!

    P.S. and I have done a full year on ops!!
  14. Well said, guys.

    These digs at the TA presume a supposed "duty to volunteer". There is of course no such duty, legal or moral. If we are in such a state of national emergency that we need to mobilise more reserve troops, it's for the Government to use their powers to mobilise them - and face any consequences.

    I am all in favour of TA personnel being 'trawled' first to see who is actively available at that moment to be mobilised, but if that doesnt produce enough there is nothing to stop the system from mobilising more people, or to do another trawl explaining "we still need more".
  15. If TA mambers want to serve full-time there are plenty of ways of achieving that from S-type engagements to joining the regulars. Many probably do not wish to serve full-time, for professional or family reasons - I was a part-timer before I joined up full-time and, whereas the odd war or contingency would have been one thing, regular support of ops is something completely different and is absolute folly. The word "regular" means just that!

    We should bemoan the lack of support from the TA from a certain section of society. There is a big house on the River Thames in which people sit on opposing green benches. A number of these people from one set of benches went to the sandbox in 2003 and I do not know of anyone from the opposite set of benches that did so.