102 log bde

a sqn consisting of fantastic lads AWESOME AT and going places hopefully some where warm and sunny before apr if only i could delete this b#####d thread any help would be morale as comments are going to far many thanks
Any drips see a plumber.........dont like it vote with your feet..no wonder we have a rep as being the whingers on arrse.
Tubbs said:
Stop whinging at people whinging, you bloody whinger.
Tubbs, Stop whinging about HH whinging about people whinging - gawd, bloody whingers! :)
Dygbi, stop whinging about Tubbs whinging about HH whinging about people whinging. All of you, your just a bunch of whingers.

(This could carry on forever. Oh Oh, now look what you've started)
LOL great come back, no really :roll: ...

Still trying to understand why you bothered posting in the first place.

Welcome to the Sigs board all the same!

Or is it because of all of you cant get " SNOW on YOUR BOOTS "!!!! or what is left of the old 249??? from that to remfs lol now stuck in a sig sqn who only deolys if there is a war on, then most of your time stuck in the rear lol
The place has to be seen to be believed.....believe me!
The good thing is that everyone is working on an escape plan, so there is plenty of conferring going on.
Im just glad it takes up less than half my day at the moment, and I can concentrate on having a life (of sorts)
Whining too much is a little self indulgent at the best of times.
Work in order to live, not the other way round!
In all seriousness though, as stated in forums accross this site, a posting is precisely what YOU make of it.
All the rough times you go through will make the better times feel 10 times better.
Whinges are all well and good, and we all do it (myself included), and banter will go on regardless of what anyone writes on this forum.
We are well on the way to getting even more of a bad rep as a bunch of shining whits.
Regardless of what the head sheds do to try to improve things, not a lot can really be achieved without the support of us, the hudled masses.
Do we not all wear the same uniform?
I know what the place is like i used to be posted there and also completed a tour to Iraq with 10 POOh, it was a great posting till all of the boss's turned up and also the crazy badge did not help matters.
good to see the boy are sticking together on one fact that this unit was
desinged for one purpose: a cruel experiment by mcm div to test good soilders
loyalty to the glorious royal corps......
i however have three weeks to push before my parole comes through and
i happen to know the individual who created this post and he has now
extended mock mock mock
If it's all that bad then why not speak to the hierarchy and stop whining about it here.

If there's a problem, keeping quiet isn't helping anybody improve the situation, why not raise it when you're asked - you never know it may improve things.
Contrary to popular belief, the Army Rumour Service is not promoting the armed overthrow of HMG by the British Military, but simply aims to provide a useful, informative and amusing resource to all.

Of course Tanklovesthesnow will whinge - It is what soldiers do, whether here or on any other forum. It is one of the many traits that soldiers have in common. This much can be seen by looking through the fascinating array of forums provided on this site.
The addage of greener grass may well be true, as stated by ZeroBravo.
There again, who cares? (refer to bold text above)
wild_man said:
NO PLAY i love this sqn i was clearing experiencing a moment of insanity when making comments saying it was bad i wish to apologise to all i have offended i would reccommend a tour here to anyone NO PLAY.
NO PLAY i too would like to back up wild_man the comments made by me were un called for and i apologise. NO PLAY

(this apology was no way infulenced by any person or persons from 102 log bde)
ZeroBravo said:
If it's all that bad then why not speak to the hierarchy and stop whining about it here.

If there's a problem, keeping quiet isn't helping anybody improve the situation, why not raise it when you're asked - you never know it may improve things.


If you want out bigbadjimmyp - ask. You never know the boss might be quite glad to get rid of you!!

As for you tankslovessnow - where are you off to that's so good? The old addage "the grass is always greener..." may apply and you may hate the next posting, will you whinge as much then?
How many times have you spoken your mind and been told some excuse or another. It seems to be a hierachical thing is how to BLAGG the blokes into believing what you are saying.

Is it not a wonder when the boss wants to get rid of you that most of the blokes are demoralised. Instead of the blokes speaking to the hierachy why does the hierachy not SPEAK TO THE BLOKES FOR ONCE and try and bit a little bit truthful.

All I can say 102 Bde is you are not alone, there are places just as bad out there. I know, I used to be there and I thought it was the greatest day of my life when I left. Maybe that was not so true.

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